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What is the best way to network if I am looking for career field in accounting or data analytics?


Oleksandr Batyn Brooklyn, NY

I am currently in school studying accounting, but I would like to find a career where I can use my accounting degree and data analytics training.

4 August 2019 12 replies Networking



Paul Trejo Austin, TX


Thank you for your years of service. In my opinion, our strongest resource in looking for a new job in a specific field is to tailor our resume very specifically for that field.

You know exactly what you want, so you are already ahead. Stick to your goal.

You mentioned Data Analytics -- which is the hottest new field in the 21st century, as I have read. Your background in Accounting will supercharge your value in Data Analytics. (I don't know how reverse would work.)

In my opinion, Certifications mean much more to employers and teams than usually discussed. Speaking as an active member of a hiring team, If we can take your college degree for granted, then we will focus intently on your recent certification. If it matches OUR SPECIFIC FIELD, then you make the short list. Then it's all about Team building from there.

As for Networking -- a targeted resume and a few new certificates really help. Here is a tip for promoting a reputation. Always have a list of two dozen brief anecdotes about your career, when you solved a big problem. (Keep it up to date. Don't let it get stale.)

Widen the list to include every aspect of work life -- not just technology or business -- but also Team friction, working well with others, being a Team player and a peacemaker.


22 August 2019 Helpful answer


Kimberly Smith Chicago, IL

Thank you for your service. From my personal experience and perspective, if you focus more on the data analytics piece you will have a great deal more opportunities today and in the future as this is a growing field. I worked in this area last year and being new to it, one of the things that I found helped the most was to learn how to use the Adobe Analytics tools. There are all sorts of free training courses available through Adobe and YouTube. It is one of the larger premier data tools available so having that training and knowledge will be a great addition to your resume. They also put on conferences across the nation and a large one in spring in Vegas that would be good networking. If you go to the website there is probably a way to sign up to get more details . Good Luck!

22 August 2019 Helpful answer


John Volpe Seaford, NY


You already have some excellent suggestions. I just wanted to add that first you need to determine which area you would like to specialize in: Accounting or Analytics . You could of course combine the two with a major in one area and a strong minor in the other . Both subject areas will provide you with excellent opportunities,particularly in the New York City area. I suggest you ask your school professors their recommendations .

My suggestion: if you have a strong analytical background I’d recommend a concentration in Data Analytics . It’s a very hot topic and a demanding subject that should provide you an excellent return for your financial and time investment .

As to networking opportunities the other responses were all excellent . I particularly liked Jose’s suggestion for joining the Vets in Tech group.

Good luck


19 August 2019 Helpful answer


Alex Palos Bakersfield, CA

I would start with a college/ University accounting club and or alumni and ask around there.

19 August 2019 Helpful answer


Jose Roman Norfolk, VA

Start with your university career services office and your campus SVA (Student Veterans of America) chapter. The SVA has great partnerships with sponsors like Amazon, Google, Apple and LinkedIn that are looking specifically for veterans with your skill set. Heres some links to connect.

1) LinkedIn - information interview via LinkedIn follow the industry and companies you're interested in.



Hope this helps.

Jose R

19 August 2019 Helpful answer


Taube Weiner Dedham, MA

Hello Oleksandr,
Thank you for your service.

I suggest you read Highly Effective Job Networking by Orville Pearson. This is the book I suggest to all my clients. His approach works well with all levels in all disciplines.
I had the good fortune to take classes from him.

Feel free to contact me if you want additional help. I do not charge military person. Its my way to say thank you!

Taube Weiner (Pronounced Tobi)

18 August 2019 Helpful answer


John Faber Arlington, VA

Hi Oleksandr –

I would check your school’s career services team about any network opportunities in your area. I would also reach out to alumni that work in accounting and have informational interviews with them to learn if their organization also provides opportunities to perform data analytics.

Best of luck.

5 August 2019 Helpful answer


Scott Berry Carson City, NV

Hi Oleksandr, an excellent networking channel is attending your local IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) chapter events. Here you can network with local accounting professionals.
Very best,

5 August 2019 Helpful answer


Jonathan Lo Emeryville, CA

Hi Oleksandr,

Given your location, I would say join some meetups that are focused in those areas is a good way to network. Regarding Data analytics, I would say check out, here you can practice your craft while also developing a presence in the community.

Lastly, if you haven't created a LinkedIn profile. I would do so. I have a pdf from LinkedIn with the best practices for a profile. Feel free to reach out and I can send you a copy.



5 August 2019 Helpful answer


Henry ("Dr. Hank") Stevens Fort Lauderdale, FL

Three quick thoughts for you . . . . . ASSUMING you are following your talents and not just exercising your education and experience, 1 - locate someone who IS doing the task and job you like Ask for an "information interview" and go pick his/her brains. They will be flattered that you sought him/her out and you will get an education! 2 - Most professions have local chapters, clubs, meetings. Find them, go to their meetings, volunteer to help out (registration, host committee, site selection, & etc.) Lastly, don't rule out healthcare as unless you are already exposed to it, exploring the wealth of job opportunities in a hospital setting

5 August 2019 Helpful answer


Ian Perez Los Angeles, CA

KPMG has a master's in data analytics they will pay for and a solid internship program as you go thru undergrad. Check out this link


Wayne Brantley Riverview, FL

Try They are an organization for Data Analytics.

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