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I want to get a program manager cert of some sort before I Project+ worth the time to get?


Amy Smith Fayetteville, NC

I don't have time to do PMP at all...wish I could. Does Project+ do anything for you in the real world?

19 July 2019 9 replies Education & Training



Misty Schmidt Marietta, GA

I've worked in project management for almost 20 years, and I don't remember having ever seen a job posting referencing the Project + certification, nor have I ever been asked about it during an interview. Yes, the PMP takes a mostly waterfall approach, but it is still the defacto certification companies look for when hiring project managers (particularly when you're applying for senior-level PM positions). That being said, as previously stated, many companies are moving away from waterfall to a more Agile/DevOps approach, in which case a scrum master or product owner certification would probably be more advantageous. (Both of which are much easier to obtain than a PMP.)

The Project Management Institute has an Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) certification, but the requirements and process for obtaining it are similar to obtaining a PMP certification. The Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification through Scrum Alliance seems to be the most commonly known scrum master certification, and is the one I see most companies ask about. also offers a Professional Scrum Master (PSM) certification. The research I did personally when trying to decide whether to pursue the CSM or PSM certification indicated that the PSM was the better choice, so that's what I chose. (,complete%20knowledge%20of%20implementing%20Scrum.&targetText=Preparing%20through%20these%20PSM%20books,PSM%20certification%20in%20single%20attempt.)

Regardless of which certification you choose, I highly recommend obtaining one of them. Certifications help set you apart from other candidates when applying for PM jobs.

18 September 2019 Helpful answer


Jerry Welsh Middleville, MI

Syracuse University's Institute for Veterans Affairs offers the a study guide and pays for the test. Sometimes there is a waiting list to get in line for the program. Throughout my TAP days I had a number of service members use this program. With 14 years you should not have a problem filling in the application and meeting the hours. Remember, if you obtain the PMP, then market yourself as a project manager, then use that in your profile and your experiences. Take a peak at my LinkedIn articles on focusing on your career choice.

22 July 2019 Helpful answer


Kerry MacNeal Long Beach, CA

I noticed that , an online training firm, is offering their inventory of Project Management Courses; including the certification training programs you are asking about.
They are running a promotion to sell the courses at $11.99 each which is reduced from $199.00 each. These promotions run occasionally in various study fields. So if you miss this one it will probably come around again.


Kenneth Lewis Colorado Springs, CO

Hi Amy,

Another alternative may be the CPD. I don't know a ton about it but I have seen it pop up more on LinkedIn.

I do not know much about Project+ and cannot comment. I do have a PMP and willing to share advice on that route if you end up interested but it is a time commitment.

If you want to chat more, please hit me up on LinkedIn and I can share whatever info I may have.

Best WIshes,


Joyce Stein Santa Clarita, CA

I agree with the previous comments


Carl Warren Holland, OH

You can try the website for Project Management for some courses that can help you pass the certification test. Most of the courses on this website run from $9.99 and up but usually no more than $11.99. I hope this helps and good luck


Sarah Johnson Houston, TX

In today's workplaces moving towards a more agile approach to project management, the tradition waterfall methodology training presented in PMP is fast becoming obsolete. Different companies and industries use differing methodologies such as waterfall, Lean, Six Sigma, Agile, Scrum, KanBan and so on. And even then, specific projects within each company may use different methodology as well, depending on the type of project or product that is being developed.

I suggest researching your targeted companies or industries and see how they are running projects. Those that use agile or use a specific method, may state as such. Look into job roles as well and their must have knowledge or certifications. From then, you can better focus on what kind of project management training you will need for your desired role.


Ashutosh Mehta Berkeley Heights, NJ

Hi Amy, Thank you for your service.

Delivering project on schedule and within budget does not require any certification. You definitely need to know the process in depth, and getting certified is a kind a endorsement from some agency who is leader in the field. In this case, Project+ is good option to get started on Project Management track. My suggestion would be to focus on Agile method of project management and get yourself certified as a Scrum Master. ScrumAlliance, are two leading training institutes who offers training (two or three days sessions) for some charge$. After completing the training sessions, you will gain knowledge to appear for certification. Check their websites for a cost and schedule in your area.

Good luck!


Ashutosh Mehta


Bruce Marks Long Island City, NY

Amy, Why not use the Skillbridge Program offered by the DOD to work for an organization and complete your PMP at the same time? Feel free to email me if you have further questions, Bruce

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