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Reaching back out for help


Frank Richardson Atlanta, GA

My name is Frank Richardson, and I am a Gulf War veteran, I now work as an adjunct instructor for a small college here in Atlanta. After being downsized 2019 from a sales leadership role, I have worked as an ESL instructor the past year. I loved education and have advanced degrees in it, but in the classroom teaching from 9am to 1pm then 6pm-10pm throughout the week and it’s barely enough to cover living expenses and student loans :)

I have had a few promising leads and interviews from sales, training or other leadership roles over the past year, but they didn’t lead to a hire.

I am interested in full-time faculty or moving back into corporate training, sales leadership, or federal government. Those are preference, but certainly open to all opportunities. I have had great resume help here from advisors in the past, so reaching back out for more insight or networking opportunities.


14 July 2019 3 replies General



Robert Jurasek Hollywood, FL

Dear Frank,

I am reasonably certain there is a Federal position waiting for you. A search on showed 635 job announcements in a 25-mile radius of Atlanta. And the second job announcement on the list,, was for a Special Agent – Education/Teaching Background.

But before you apply for any Federal position, it is critical that you know the information and the correct format that is required for a Federal résumé. Please feel free to contact me for assistance.

Good luck with your job search and thank you for your Service!

Bob Jurasek

22 July 2019 Helpful answer


Jerry Welsh Middleville, MI
I reviewed your LI profile, and your TAG/Headline find me line does not even mention the fact you are in teaching/professor. Secondly, you should never put your resume on LI, LI is your means to sell yourself, in keywords used by your career field, to then obtain request for your resume or CV. The resume or CV is then tailored to the position, not a general resume. I would also you connect with Michael Quinn, he is a veteran advocate with E&Y, and a retired CSM, who is very candid on service members working. The first article speaks to your TAG/Headline, which that and your picture are the first things they look at. Then the second article goes into your summary and experience. You should focus on your educational accomplishments, with #$% and awards or special recognition. I would also obtain a recommendation on your teaching skills, unless you are going back into sales. If you are then keep your sales experience and head that way. Keep in mind, just because LI offers the opportunity to fill out your entire life, you have a passion for teaching-sell that and market yourself as that-anything past 10 years does not matter on resume and especially the profile. If you are going for a GS position and use USA Jobs, then you need it, outside of that the application may have you go back. I see more passion in your ACP question than in your LI profile, market yourself as a passionate educator. I hope I am not too rough, but your profile will add to your frustration. Personal face to face networking is better than social media, but social media has a place in today's fast paced world.

15 July 2019 Helpful answer


John Volpe Seaford, NY


I see you live in Atlanta . There should be a number of opportunities to network in the Atlanta area . I suggest you once again reach out to an ACP advisor for some guidance . In the interim do a search on veteran organizations in the Atlanta area . The key to finding a job is networking, networking , networking.... The more opportunities you have to interact with other professionals the greater your chance of success . You should probably work with your advisor to first identify your target market and then revise your resume to ensure it properly highlights your skills and work experience.

Good luck .

John Volpe

15 July 2019 Helpful answer

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