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Rameez Iqba Sugar Land, TX

Greetings. I am currently serving as an active duty service member looking to get out after my contract is finish. I currently hold a BA in supply chain management and my dream after the army is getting into a prominent company like BP. I want to work in the Houston area but I am confused in regards to credentials. Originally I wanted to finish a MBA in finance and accounting from Florida institute of technology but a recent job transfer within the army ( I am a transportation manager/coordinator now , was a Fuel operations manager) I disenrolled from the program and was enrolled at a Houston university but did not like what I was studying. My question is does BP usually would hire someone from local labor pool meaning if they want to hire for Houston they would hire someone from a Houston based college rather then someone who went to a Florida college? Also the two college have two different accreditations AACSB and Florida had IACBE. Does that matter as well in the hiring process if one wants to live and work in Houston preferably for oil companies like BP, Chevron, Stat oil etc.?? Thank you for reading this long message and look forwards to your responses. Regards.

4 July 2019 7 replies Leadership & Management



G'Sean Williams, CPSM Charlotte, NC

Hey Rameez,

UH is viewed as a better university than the institution in Florida when it comes to working at companies like BP. Your BA in Supply Chain is a great start depending on what you are trying to do for these types of organizations.

Supply Chain has two main areas in these area is logistics/warehousing/distribution and the other is procurement/sourcing/contracting.

If you are looking to stay in Supply Chain or on the Business side of things being at a local school doesn't really matter. However, like I said, UH is a better school for business and that matters when it comes to starting pay consideration in HR.

Good luck and let me know how I can be of help. I studied supply chain at Michigan State and BP was a training client of ours.

8 July 2019 Helpful answer


Sergey Onokhin Chicago, IL


After finishing my MBA in the Boston area, I was hired at BP in their Chicago office.

To answer your question, no you do not need to go to school in local community outside of the office. Just be willing to move.

People at BP come from all walks of life and different school. You will be fine.

Most importantly it all depends on how you network, your drive, and perseverance. Just keep pushing for your objective and you will achieve it.

Look into the Military Placement Program at BP and similar programs in other companies. That could be another avenue for you to try.

Connect with me on here or LinkedIn if you want to ask more questions.



17 July 2019 Helpful answer


Jose Roman Norfolk, VA


Look for the veterans hiring initiatives at the oil companies you're interested in.

See the link here for BP:

More info from BP here:

I work with veterans in transition at my university as the Veterans Employment Coordinator. Let me know if you have questions. You can email me here:

Jose R


Emanuel Carpenter Alpharetta, GA

Rameez - I don't know about BP but as a hiring manager, I care more about if you currently live in the local area more than I care about if you attended college in the local area. Giving local candidates first priority is less complicated and cost effective. People who have to move to take a job are dealing with a number of issues like the move itself and starting a new job. Plus, many out-of-towners expect to be compensated for the move.

As far as the degree goes, go for the one that gives you the best education and sets you up for the career you want to have.

Hope this helps.


Elizabeth Arratia Naperville, IL

I cannot speak to which university to attend, but I can tell you that BP hires from all over the world. It seems from your brief description above that you would be a good candidate for operations roles in BP. Both Houston and Chicago could be options for you.


Taube Weiner Dedham, MA

Hi Rammez,
If you'd like to get some help, as a career coach I would be happy to help you at no cost to you. That's my way of saying thank you for your service. I suggest you go onto my website and after reading about me, and still want help, contact me.
I work with people all over the country. We either do telephone or Skype.
I teach you how to do it and coach you through the whole process.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Taube Weiner (pounced like Tobi)


ACP AdvisorNet Staff New York, NY

Hi Rameez,

Thank you for your service and thank you so much for submitting your question! I recommend going to the community section of our website. This way, you can directly message advisors according to their expertise, zip code, or company. Since you specifically mentioned BP, here are some advisors you can reach out to: Feel free to add your zip code. Hope you have a great weekend!



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