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I am looking for a job that has decent pay and benefits.


Marcus Whitfield Monticello, FL

I am in desperate need of a job that pays a decent wage and also has benefits. I am a married veteran with four great kids who ran into some hard times some years ago and now have felonies on my record. All of them are ten years or older and I have been working as a Manager with the same company for the last 16 years. The company has fallen on hard times ( not my fault lol) I am close to losing our home and at this point, I will try anything. If anyone has any help or advice it would be greatly appreciated.

30 May 2019 5 replies Career Advancement



Savannah Bray Rosemount, MN

I would also recommend checking out Travelers Insurance. They continue to be among the top Best for Vets Employers named by the Military Times. They offer great benefits (including 401-K match and pension) and have many entry level and experienced positions.


Ashley Savageau Campbell, CA

Hi there! Not sure where you are located but you should check out -- free training and certification programs to get veterans into technology careers. In person and virtual options. If you're looking for good pay, this is where it is at.

Here's a free online course sponsored by my company :

They've also had other courses and certifications programs in the past (including a 80 hour online training paired with a week of in classroom training with certifications like Security+ and Network+) recently but I don't see them now. Keep your eyes on that site though maybe again in the future.

CA has a law that went into effect last year that companies can't ask about your history, so you might want to start with companies HQd there.


Jennifer Polhemus Santa Monica, CA

You've probably done this already, but contact your mortgage lender (in writing) and tell them you have been laid off, etc. (omit the felony) and ask for a loan modification. Remember, they do NOT want your house back, and may offer a financial reprieve.

Now for employment. Others have advice for you re: stable employment.

For short-term money, try Task Rabbit if you have those skills. Always mention you are a former Marine. NextDoor is another possibility (again, this is the gig economy, so short-term) but you would need to offer specific services; NextDoor is a hyper-local online bulletin board, so less exposure but they don't take a cut as TaskRabbit does.

Lastly, if you post an inquiry here with specific info about what you can do, more advisors can contribute.

Best wishes!


Jodie Prieto-Rodriguez Pittsburgh, PA


I do not have a quick fix position. I do know of the following resources though:

1. VA, The VA has employment assistance centers for veterans in your circumstances.

2. VA vocational training program- veterans rated at more than 30% disabled are eligible for retraining in a different career field to assist employment

3. Non-profit assistance- various websites are specifically setup for felons

4. florida state national guard youth challenge program - the program is a 6 month bootcamp highschool for kids at risk to drugs and crime. They employ reformed felons, given your 10 year gap in offenses they may be interested in you as a youth counselor.

I hope the above leads help. I wish you the best. Reach out to veteran support agencies in Florida. Florida has a great amount of retired and non-retired vets. They are one of the most vet friendly states. Please feel free to PM me for more information.


James Moreno Austin, TX

I'd suggest Marriott Hotels. They are among many companies in this list, but they gave someone I know a chance and they were a great employer.

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