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Almost 40 and offered entry level position


Yasin Sebaggala Glen Burnie, MD

Hello, I have over 10 years work experience to include 4 years active and currently 5 years with the federal government. I recently got an offer for an entry level offer with one of the big 4. Better pay with great opportunities. What questions should I be asking myself and would it make sense for me at my age to get into this?

9 May 2019 4 replies Career Advancement



Jeff Brownell Titusville, FL


It is what you make of it. If you feel it will help broaden your experience, go for it. I have moved both laterally and southernly in my career to gain the knowledge needed to expand my scope of experience. It has paid off.
My wife at, 40, took an entry-level position at a retail chain as a security guard. She proved herself there, advancing in the hierarchy, for four years before moving to another entry level position at a health insurance company. Within two years there, she has moved from entry-level to supervisor to manager. She is working on her BS in Business now and can expect to move even further up the chain once her degree is completed (she is one year away!). The people and leadership skills she developed along the way was a definite boost.
It is what you make of it


Deborah Carter Owens Cross Roads, AL


Joe and Ilka have provided excellent guidance. I will share my own experience as an example:

I served 14 years in the Air Force and then went back to school. At age 38 with a brand new MBA I applied to my current company for a "recent grad / entry level", IT Leadership Development Program position. 12 years later, I'm leading that program and responsible for IT Talent and Workforce Transformation and IT Learning. That was one of the best career decisions I've ever made. There were opportunities for growth and expansion, I was able to learn "corporate America" and get my feet under me and build my network at the company.

Good luck!


Joe Mariani Chicago, IL

Hi Yasin,
I would agree with Ilka that, in perhaps the typical consulting answer, 'it depends.' Depends on your career goals, the specific area within the firm, and the career path they are putting you on.
Feel free to message me and we can talk through your particular case and what options may be available within these firms.


Ilka Farley Anna, OH

Sometimes taking that entry level position allows you to prove your capabilities and helps you build your resume for other potential roles. I would say ask yourself if the job is below your capabilities and if that would lead for a situation where you can easily be bored.
I have taken salary decreases to advance my career in the past but they made sense.
Will this job allow you to lean a new skill set that can be easily transferable to other companies, will you be allowed to work on special projects that can help you build your resume and will you have access to training or certifications.
I can tell you that moving up in these large companies can be difficult however they are always a good addition to your resume.

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