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Looking for advice on moving forward from a dead end job to a rewarding career


Stephen Kimball Cassopolis, MI

After being hired into a position that gave me lots of opportunity and growth, I recently have had several set backs which shows potential long-term unemployment. After completing a contract position that was somewhat interesting, I am now a full-time employee with the same company. This position is very restrictive, and on most days, without productive work. Because of the nature of the company's business, my position is directly related to a particular service contract.

I do not care for this job as it provides no growth or challenges within the company. I overcame union adversity of my company by growing interpersonal relationships without bringing the union into the relationship or conversations. I treat everyone fairly and greet or talk with most of the members. They, in turn, have helped me understand some of the finer points associated with my job.

As the customer provides the demand for my position, there are many days where they have no projects for me to assist with or complete.

My background is in logistics and inventory management. I want to get back into this field. My MBA and extensive experience from the military and Federal Service haven't opened many doors. I have been told I'm overqualified or have no industry experience. I know I am above entry level in skills.

Where and how do I move forward?

29 April 2019 4 replies Career Advancement



Stephen Kimball Cassopolis, MI

My parents were business owners while I grew up. Many times, our family plans took a backseat to the business. My dad worked himself to death trying to keep the business going, even after 20 years. Because of this experience, I am not interested in pursuing this venture.
Thank you for the suggestion.


Gerald Mannikarote Houston, TX

Hi Stephen,
You are in a tough situation due to your qualifications. If you've exhausted all the usual channels (job boards, executive search, etc), have you considered starting your own business? You are highly educated and experienced. You could offer quite a bit for others that they may not have within their own organizations.
Starting your own business will offer you freedom that you don't have at this time.
Please let me know your thoughts.
Warm regards,


Stephen Kimball Cassopolis, MI

Thank you for responding. My company assigns employees based on customer needs. I've reached out to the customer to see where I can support them. Continuously, I've been passed to the side.
I would be open to relocating to the Chicago area, but as studies show, jobs are usually offered to those that are closest and most qualified for the position.
I'm not sure I could be a mentor with all the negativity I have experienced and am now carrying. My employer doesn't see a need for my skills from my previous positions and military experience.
Again, thank you for your review and response.


Chad Eaves Lake Zurich, IL

Hi Stephen,

Are there any gaps or needs you could create revenue for employer? That could improve your stability there,

Are you a mentor of any professional societies in your industry? They can be powerful for networking.

Is moving to a logistics hub an option? If so, Consider the big ports or air hubs. Those areaours also
usually have a larger Fed/Military presence.


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