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What is your prediction of the new Veteran Task Force that's being rolled out? I would like to know from someone who has been to the website and looked at the plan of action?


Justin Carson New Braunfels, TX

I would like to know someone's honest opinion. It makes me feel cautious at first because there is so much new stuff that I've never even heard of! I'm confident that I would never take my own life however I have struggled as most veterans do. But my soul is important to me and I know there's always a way. Plus I fear God's word. Should veterans be worried at all about our rights being invaded more than the average civilian? Trust me I want to see the good in this!

18 March 2019 2 replies Mentoring



Justin Carson New Braunfels, TX

I'm pretty sure this will give a more detailed explanation. You should be able to look at the PDF from this link. I hate that I have to make this sound so negative. We've been through a lot out here and I wish more people could understand that. I'm just talking about the last 10 years pretty much. We've basically been told that everything America has stood for is a joke and everything is so corrupt. We've been told that we fought in wars based off of lies and that everything we served for was false. I mean all of this is based on speculation, conspiracy theories, and propaganda but people can't expect that not to have an effect on anyone. I'm just talking about the power of the media, which btw the President said the news was fake not long ago. I'm sure that has to have some type of effect on a husband and wife who've drunk their morning coffee watching the morning news for the last 50 years. That is if anyone was even watching it in the first place they may have stopped a while ago just to keep their sanity. Anyways, It's why I'm more cautious about this plan and there has to be a primary reason there have been so many suicides. l love my country and I love my President. I've overcame a lot personally and I just want to help more veterans do the same. I've been trying to reach the bar I set while serving ever since I got out. Justin


Andrea Bryant New York, NY

Hello Justin,

Thanks for your question. I assume you are talking about:

As you suggest, it's pretty new, so any information and emerging patterns would be difficult to come by to provide a substantive answer. From here, I'm not sure that I'm able to answer more of your question, as it seems to be more "what-if?" and into the realm of opinion and speculation. Absent omnipotence, I'm unsure if anyone else would have a more accurate perspective.



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