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How are all source analysts used in the corporate world to understand threats to a company?


Tracy Conkin Atlanta, GA

In other words, where within a company might one find an all source analytical capability that enhances an organization's understanding of the threat environment and potential impact - not just IT/security, but from criminals, insiders, foreign entities, cyber, etc? Do companies have elements that are able to aggregate data on the threat environment, which then enhances a company's ability to identify and mitigate those threats at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels? If so, where are these elements or to whom do they report?

17 January 2019 3 replies Military to Civilian Transition



Jerry Welsh Middleville, MI

Business Analyst is a good place to start. You could do some research into different types, in working with transitioning intel out of Wright Patterson, they either went into business analytics or with a government contractor. Do some research into the career, and use language the business is using, versus all source, it may be called something different in the civilian sector. The only change I saw during the five years on and off at Wright Patterson was the civilian sector was asking for a degree. Like our country-not all companies advertise the degree of intel that goes on, at your level you should be able to network with some big companies, question is do you want to stay in or government work. Your degrees fit more in line with govt/contractor, but many large companies have similar intel operations, they have to in the world we live in today. 1) See if you can narrow down what civilians call the career and 2) if you are allowed start some Informational Interviewing(maybe difficult with walls up that need to be up)-but you know how to research! Once you speak civilian career language look for a LinkedIn group or Facebook professional group. Thanks for your service and God Bless.


Chet Frame El Paso, TX

Good day, Tracy,

Building on Seth's response, you may want to include Supply Chain Development and Corporate Sourcing positions. Supply Chain Security and risk evaluation is a rapidly expanding area within Supply Operations. As more companies look toward global sourcing and with the current state of flux in international trade, there is a growing demand for people who can evaluate and provide guidance to the corporate management.


Seth Lynch Plano, TX


Great question! My recommendation if you want to cast a wide net is look at spinning your skills to show how an All Source Analyst would work well in marketing or business development.

Your greatest learned skill is the research and analysis of multiple bits of information from many areas and gaining actionable intelligence. That’s really what those two roles do in a corporate world. Instead of seeking out criminal or nefarious actions though, you are building win plans and gathering competitive intelligence.

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