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Rosalind Russ Jacksonville, FL

Good Evening,

I am a military spouse and a former Navy Yeoman. I am in need of a resume revision assistance for the Federal Government and Private Sector.

15 January 2019 8 replies Resumes & Cover Letters



Andy Bergin Greenwich, CT

You have some good advice already on the resume writing. The resume is a tool to get you an interview. One good way to prep your story is to interview yourself - out loud. It sounds hokey, but it helps you become more fluid in telling your story. Simple questions like: Why do you want a job in this company? What do you bring to the table for this job? What differentiates you as a candidate? What do you know about our company? Tell me about yourself? Screening interviews (when you get them) can happen by phone or video. Videotape yourself answering these and other questions on your smartphone. Watch them back and redo. Practice builds confidence and confidence leads to success. Try it out. Go on LinkedIn and find people doing the jobs you want - review their career progression and match it to yours. Do a gap analysis. Learn the language of that industry and job - it helps.


cathy salerno Skillman, NJ

Hi Rosalind,
Thank you and your husband for your service! I’d be happy to help you with your resume. Please send it to me.
Best regards,


Christopher Brown Middleburg, FL

These people are great and it’s FREE. We all love FREE, lol.

Best Wishes,


Jim Schreier Milwaukee, WI

Always willing to review and often provide some alternative recommendations. See articles I've posted to this site plus I can also send you a short guide with suggestions for resumes and interviews.


Lex Levin Ellicott City, MD

Rosalind, happy to help you. I'm a full-time professional resume writer and a former Federal employee specializing for the last ten years in working with Active Duty and Reserve Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses transitioning to Federal or private sector work. You can best get in touch with me through my website contact page:


Deborah Carter Owens Cross Roads, AL

Hi Rosalind,

The format for Government is very different and somewhat more prescriptive than Private Sector and so I would definitely consult resources provided in earlier comments. Even within the Private Sector each industry has it's own culture and norms. It's important to understand the industry.

I work in aerospace and defense industry in the private sector and as a hiring manager I can tell you that I frequently receive over 400 applicants to just one open job requisition. On a first pass, I am literally scanning for key words (and some HR departments use computer programs / analytics to do just that) so make the translation from military to civilian and ensure that you are including the applicable key words. Don't make a hiring manager scan through a long resume hunting for relevant experience and education and don't crowd the resume with tasks that don't contain accomplishments or accomplishments that aren't relevant. Tailor your resume to the job to which you are applying. I know it's a lot of work, but make it easy for HR and/or the hiring manager!

If you'd like for me to review your resume, I'm happy to do so. I'm not sure what industry you're targeting, but I can certainly take a look and tell you if I'm out of my depth.

Good luck!


Byron Andrews Houston, TX

Don't be afraid to go LONG on your resume, as long as you use concise prose. Don't hesitate to "toot your own horn". Proofread for grammar and clarity. Craft each resume to address as many of the job requirements as possible, and repeat them in as many of your past job descriptions as possible.
Private sector friends of mine who look at my 5 page resume balk at the length and what they characterized as "bragging" about my accomplishments. Yet, its the same resume concept I used to be competitively selected for each of the 3 fed jobs (all promotions) and several long-term TDYs I've ever applied for.


Katelyn Ramp New York, NY


Thank you for reaching out to ACP and we would be happy to help you with your future career goals! If you are looking for additional assistance on your resume (tailoring copies to both the Federal Govt. & Private sectors), I would look into using our "Community" tab, to directly message our ACP Advisors in the Government, Defense, and Human Resources areas. This could be a great start to getting additional advice on your resume. As well, I would also, look at the below resource, that explains some of the differences between a federal and private sector resume.

Preparing a Private Sector Resume, from FEDweek:

Best of luck!


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