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I keep getting "your not qualified" replies for jobs


Scott Berube Fayetteville, GA

I have over 21 years of Military HR experience, (3 as a Career Counselor), plus 2 years civilian recruiting and 1 year Civilian Associate Relations experience. I also have my BS in Accounting and SPHR certification. My resume does not have ANY military accronyms and clearly details my qualifications for the roles I'm applying for. I'm frustrated because I feel like I've checked all the boxes and I still can't find a job. I've had several people review my resume and have gotten great reviews. I'm in the Atlanta market which is hot right now. I just don't know what I am doing wrong. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

3 January 2019 3 replies Resumes & Cover Letters



Suzanna Molino Sparks Glencoe, MD

Hello Scott,

First, I'm missing something here - WHY can't your resume allude to a military connection? Isn't that impressive in itself?

Secondly, I am a true believer that the right positions find us just like the right dog finds us. If those contacts at the companies you've applied for aren't replying ... then my philosophy is those are not the jobs for you!

The right fit is out there - a lid for every pot, yes? As frustrated as you might feel, that right job will find you and you will find that right job. There is nothing to do but keep at it. Sometimes we have to toss a lot out there to get something to stick.

As an editor with an eagle eye, I will be happy to read over your resume to ensure it reads clearly, is clean, error-free, and tight.



Jerry Welsh Middleville, MI

Scott the above answer is great. First question do you want a job in HR or sell your company? You can not do both on LinkedIn. The most searched item by recruiters is your career or position sought. Per the conversation above, you are not being found for HR positions, as search engines do not get past your TAG line. Look at my profile and go down to where I spent 30 years of my life-I never receive a connection for the GPO industry-all my connections requests, which I average 10 a week are for veteran transition.
Use the advise above, build a profile selling your HR skills not other, and give some #$%, at the top you will be found. Thank you for your support and sacrifices. God Bless.


Emanuel Carpenter Alpharetta, GA

Scott - I've been there. I highly recommend searching the job title you want on sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, or Read four or five job descriptions to get a common theme of what employers are looking for. If you believe you have the skills described on those job descriptions, cut and paste them to your resume. If you don't have those skills, find out what education or certifications you need to get them.

If HR is your passion, join the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM). Their website is They'll help you and they have a job board.

On LinkedIn, send a connection request to the person who posts the job you want. When he or she accepts, send your resume with a brief cover letter in the body of your direct message. But also apply for the job the traditional way by completing online applications or sending your resume through their website. This will double your chances of getting an interview.

Send your resume to your closest friends, ex-coworkers, and family members who work for companies you want to work for. Let them know that finding a job is crucial for you. Internal hiring teams LOVE personal referrals. In fact, you may find out about a job BEFORE it gets posted on a job board or classified ad by following this method. Sometimes it is all about who you know.

Consider applying at companies that specialize in HR, payroll, and HRIS like ADP, Namely, and Ultimate Software. All three have a strong Atlanta presence.

Hope this helps.

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