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Seeking advice, Raytheon Volunteer Day


Ling Chu Hung Tacoma, WA

My understanding is that to work at Raytheon, an outstanding resume will include Security Clearance, Military Experience, and Credentials (both military and civilian.).

In my remaining time as Active Duty personnel, what skills and experience would be the most "value add" to my resume if I am looking to apply to Raytheon when I leave active service?

What academic skillsets or degrees are currently in highest demand?

What areas of technology does Raytheon forsee to have the most growth (need for expansion) in the next 3 years?

What types of roles does Raytheon have the most difficulty filling?

What does Raytheon have to offer when it come to continued employee development outside of on the job training?

What is Raytheon's policy for paternity leave or part time flex time work? For Army Reservist?

Thank you.

15 November 2018 3 replies Career Exploration



Jeannie LaDriere Dallas, TX


Thank you for your service. Curtis and Jason are correct in their assessments of needed demand. I currently recruit for Operations and reqs are opening left and right for all levels of experience. AI and Lasers are hot topics, but we have divisions who have won enough contracts to keep us busy for the next 30 years, so the crystal ball is a little cloudy at this

The positions we have the most trouble filling are those that require existing clearances.

Raytheon offers eligible employees who are legal fathers up to three weeks of paid parental leave. This applies to adoptions as well. Many locations work 9/80s so there is some flexibility built in. Raytheon provides paid leave for time associated with annual Military Reserve Training.

I hope this helps augment what Curtis and Jason provided.


Jason Bunyea Brownsboro, AL

Hi Ling,

You definitely want to include the items you listed in your resume.

I can't exactly speak to what the best value add to your remaining time in service because every employer and position is going have a slightly different set of things that they want to see. Just keep in mind anything that sets you apart from other potential job seekers is worth it.

As far as degrees/skillsets that are in demand, I think your interest in cyber security is a good place to start. Additionally, (I may be biased) software engineering is still a strong choice for several organizations in both the defense and commercial worlds, and anything in the realms of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, etc are going to be very attractive to Raytheon and several other organizations with areas of fantastic growth.

Raytheon offers several options for assisting degree seekers. The most basic option available to employees is tuition reimbursement, but there are other programs available for select employees.

While every site is a little different, many sites offer flexible work schedules (depending on the nature of your work), and the number of programs and sites moving to more flexible schedules is growing every day.

That's about all I can speak to at the moment. Let me know if you have more questions, and I'll see what I can do to help



Curtis Hatamoto Anaheim, CA

Hi Ling. Without knowing what you are interested in, it is hard to say what to focus on while currently active.

In general, I see the large growth areas are software engineering (coding), firmware(VHDL) engineering, and network engineering (designing, building large networks. data centers, cloud,...)

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