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Resume Critique advice for a Maintenance manager/operations position.


Bradley Benton Elizabethtown, KY

I have been in the maintenance field for over 16 years and currently working as a field technician for a ground support aviation company. I am currently updating my resume and applying for a positions as a Maintenance manager of operation manager. I have applied for numerous position with no response. It would be much appreciated if someone that hires for these positions or someone with experience in reviewing resumes look over my resume.

Thank you,
Bradley Benton

12 November 2018 11 replies Resumes & Cover Letters



Ernest Clark Suwanee, GA

Hello Bradley,

The first thing you should do is to develop a business plan and set up an appointment with the small business association (SBA). Every state has several SBA offices. They will mentor you and help you perfect your business plan. I do not recommend taking out a business loan. Successful people like Warren Buffet even thinks this is not a smart move. Warren Buffet is not perfect, but I am sure that everyone will agree that he knows something about business. As someone suggested to me, renting a vehicle will probably be a better option in the beginning. Also, some rental companies will give veterans discounts.

Vista print is a good place to have business cards made. Just go to IRS.GOV and get your Employer Identification Number (EIN). This will take about 10 minutes. Next go to your city hall and fill out a buiness application using your EIN. You will have the business license within a week.

Also, you should ask the SBA about set aside contracts for veterans. Sometimes, there are government contracts set aside just for veterans. These are just a few ideas to help you get started. I wish you the best in your new business.


Robin Schlinger Atlanta, GA

I am a professional resume writer and coach who specializes in military transition resumes and hold a pilot's license. I also worked for years as an engineer - so I have a lot of experience in maintenance and operations management. I would be pleased to review your resume if you wish if you send it to along with job announcement or 2 you want to apply for.


Alan Bernstein Melbourne, FL

I am happy to review and comment on your resume as well. You can email your resume to If you have a standard cover letter, send that as well. I'll send you back my thoughts and edits.


Bradley Benton Elizabethtown, KY


I am currently look into all if possible. Thank you for help.


Lex Levin Ellicott City, MD

Hi Bradley, I'm a professional resume writer specializing in working with transitioning Veterans. Happy to review your resume and offer some advice. Are you looking for private sector jobs, Federal jobs, or both?


Ingrid Alexander Copiague, NY


I work with people looking for jobs and I help them with their resume. Please send your resume to me at Also, please send a copy a position you applied for.


George Wilhelmsen Rochelle, IL

Looks like you have a lot of offers of help.

Perhaps this is where you can look and help yourself a little. You say you are looking for a position in Maintenance or Operations management. It is good to have a goal like that.

When you look at your resume, where does it show skills that show you are suited for those goals?

For example, do you have experience (recent) where you led a team in your resume? Do you have any management training noted?

As a hiring manager, I look for people with "the right fit," which in this case, would be some good signs that you have experience in the area you want to work. That shows me that the company you are working for believed you had the skills for that position, and promoted you into it.

If you are trying to make the step from technician to manager, you will need to show that you have developed the skills. Your resume is the tool that "paints the picture" for the hiring manager.

Upload your resume and send me a message. I'll tell you what I see. We can try to develop more information (or opportunities at your current employer to obtain those experience datapoints that your resume needs) from there.

I look forward to reviewing your resume. Thank you for your service.

George Wilhelmsen


Dan Conn Arlington, VA

MOAA offers resume review services.


Bradley Benton Elizabethtown, KY

Thank you for the help. Really just looking for another people to look it over.


Jacinda Chan Sacramento, CA

I can edit your resume. I don't work in management, but I'm a professional writer. You can email me at

I'm happy to help in any way.


Andrew Klarman New York, NY

Hi Bradley,

Thanks for posting your question on ACP AdvisorNet! Thank you for your service as well.

I would recommend you take a look at our "Community" page on this site where you can search for advisors to connect with and private message. It might help to get in touch with an HR professional since they are usually the people that see the most resumes.

Some sample resumes across industries that you might find helpful can be found at this link:

Let me know if I can help in any other way!


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