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What else can I be doing?


J Haaans Pittsburgh, PA

Sorry if this is a bit long winded.

I transitioned in 2014 and I'm an undergrad that will be graduating in the coming months. My job in the military does not pertain to the finance positions that I want to pursue. I do have work experience between 2014 and now in various internships. I have (fairly unmarketable) finance certifications and I'm pursuing the CFA.

I feel that I am in a weird position when applying for jobs relating to finance because my experience level might be off-putting to recruiters hiring for interns without / little work experience. I am applying to many internships, "development programs", and current part-time jobs. I feel that I have a very strong resume and experiences, but I haven't had an interview beyond a few phone calls. I have been searching and applying for various positions since the end of spring.

The good news is that I have gotten calls/emails for programs that I am genuinely interested in with great companies. I don't get responses for what I would think are more entry level. I do get phone calls from staffing agencies for positions and companies that I do want to work for, but they are looking for someone to start full-time ASAP. I have a similar experience with attending career fairs and military career fairs.

Where I am accessible: Linkedin, career builder, indeed, glassdoor, monster, a few finance websites, and my own website.

What am I doing: Going to career fairs, adding a profile to a companies talent pool, occasionally messaging recruiters on LinkedIn, following up with people at career fairs, and applying to basically every finance internship/developmental program/ co-op/part-time position/etc.

I am concerned because I graduate in the spring. I do not want to compete with recent graduates for entry level positions closer toward graduating as there will be a big influx of supply for these jobs. I have paid for my resume to be done by a provider who works specifically in the finance area.

Without going into detail, this is some of the topics on my resume:
3.5 GPA, volunteer experience, finance certifications
financial analyst - internship
account manager - internship
engineer - internship
Company representative - military

What else can I be doing? Am I stuck applying for entry-level positions / internships / developmental programs and competing with recent graduates?

5 October 2018 6 replies Career Advancement



xxxx xxxx San Antonio, TX

There is an veteran organization that helps with matches vets with companies. Hire our Heroes ( ). It is run by retired USMC



Jose Roman Norfolk, VA


If you haven't already connect with the Student Veterans of America chapter or national HQ. It is the fastest growing veteran services organization in the country and is connected to a lot of industry and specifically in finance that are interested in connecting with student veterans.

At the 2019 SVA National Conference, this coming year being hosted by Disney in Orlando you can connect with many companies and different industries that are specifically looking for student veterans to hire.

* Are you using your university career center?
* Connecting with your university alumni network?
* Connecting with local veteran employer resources and state agencies?

DO also apply for an ACP mentor. As a protege, an ACP mentor will be able to connect you with the right industry contacts. Send me a copy of your resume, if you want another set of eyes on it. Email:

Jose R


Michael Kraft Eureka, CA

I would add that you can be both responsive to staffing agencies and recruiters and clear on what your timeline is. If the job market remains like it is, staffing agencies and recruiters will keep calling you as your graduation approaches. Building relationships with some of those folks now, letting them know what you're looking for and when, is a win/win.


Jim Williams Minneapolis, MN

Joshua, I am not sure what companies you have applied for, but from what I have heard US Bank and Wells Fargo both have development programs specifically for veterans. I don’t have any contacts within these two companies, however You might find a mentor through ACP who does and reach out to them and make a connection. Best wishes on your search.


Henry ("Dr. Hank") Stevens Fort Lauderdale, FL

A VERY short story, given your described details, . . . . . it is all about "target presentation." Professionally, where do the people go who are doing what you want to do? Go THERE, "buttonhole," and interact with intelligent questions. Have your resume handy - and maybe a business card, too.


Drew Schildwächter Wilmington, NC

Joshua: I am not in finance, but I think your credentials and résumé are probably fine. You are getting phone calls and being contacted for some positions in which you are interested. You appear to be successfully marketing yourself.

The fact that these initial phone calls do not progress suggests that the most useful thing for you would be to do some mock interviews with finance folks, or maybe talk with some finance folks about the key points of such a phone call.

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