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Anyone have a resume template for a Vet with 15-17 years experience?


Jamell Culbreath Columbus, OH

Looking to market myself in the project management space with a more streamlined resume.

28 August 2018 16 replies Resumes & Cover Letters



Mike McDermott New York, NY

I'm a big proponent of writing your own resume, while taking into account things that may have worked for others in the one knows your background and experiences like you do! Do not pay someone to write it for you. On top of that, you absolutely must craft a targeted resume for those job offerings you want to focus on.
I've found that civilian interviewers have a difficult time understanding a chronological resume for someone with 10+ years of military experience; too many moves and short duration jobs. Feel free to take a look at the resume I have posted on LinkedIn (, for what worked most effectively over time. I experimented with wide variety of resumes, and this one resulted in the most effective conversations.
Finally, remember that the resume does not get you a job. Effective networking is number one, and a productive and targeted resume helps get the interview and shape the conversation, but how you present yourself in the interview seals the deal.

26 October 2018 Helpful answer


Elizabeth Griffin Annandale, VA

I was fortunate to have several mentors assist with my resume ---- I am happy to share the template I've used. I am also very open to any additional reviews and feedback from peers and advisors.

22 September 2018 Helpful answer


Ray Martinelli Flanders, NJ


I'm late to the party here, but all sound intel for you to determine what works for individual situations you experience.

I did not see Hire Hero's listed, but they are a no cost resource for help writing a base resume. However, if you do not tailor that to each role you will not get through the software.

Best of Luck.

Ray Martinelli


Richard Lowery Clarksville, TN

If you have a clearance, has quite a few templates available.


Christopher Brown Middleburg, FL


Have you tried Hired Heroes, USA? They have a great program where you provide them the input and a draft of your resume and they will combine that with your goals and your JST in order to streamline your resume. They are very good at converting military jargon. Below I will add some links to groups that I believe you would benefit from joining. These groups will do everything from helping with your resume, preparing for interviews, and even networking.


I hope that some of these could be of assistance to you and our fellow veterans.


Joe Pierce Jonesboro, AR

Joe Pierce ⋅ Jonesboro, AR
Husqvarna Outdoor Products ⋅ 30 years experience
I prefer a chronological format with relevant experience education and keep it short.
Start with name address etc in the center top
nest is title /rank job with timeline
next under that is a brief number of bullets describing the responsibilities and accomplishments
After experience is education followed by and special courses awards and the offer to provide references
Hope this helps It is kind of old school


Stefan Beyer Kirkland, WA

I wrote an article a while back about highlighting how a diverse skill set will make you a good candidate for a position:

If you still need someone to review your resume, let me know.


Philip Lantz Kansas City, MO


There are a lot of offers to help. I am available as well; but here are some thoughts for before you get to the "review stage".

1. Use a functional resume. The other types have there places, but with 15-17 years of service a chronological resume will not do you justice.

2. The resume is great but wont work (usually) without networking. If you have any intel your networking like a source network. (contact me for in depth on this )

3. If you don't have all the hard skill sell the soft ones more. IE ability to learn new skills rapidly, ability to not only Manage BUT Lead (if this applies to you); ability to mentor; etc.

4. translate the verbiage. I am still working on this. Think of it like an NCOER for a DA Selection Board. Most of the time CSM's on the board (depending on the career field) will come from multiple branches or at least MOS's. This means they will not understand MOS specific terminology. In the case of a resume; pretend there are people from a different service altogether or who are illiterate in "military speak".

5. Ensure the resume is free of spelling and grammatical errors. They occur in posts and sometimes in emails. Resumes should be flawless.

6. When (and most of the time you shouldn't list this way. Cite the accomplishment not the award) you cite military awards make sure its accurate. I have received resumes citing an AAM for combat. (AAM's are not awarded for combat) This makes me question EVERYTHING on the resume.

7. Don't exaggerate; but don't sell yourself short.

I am always available. I only made the transition earlier this year. I had a head start as my MOS deals with industry routinely.


Philip Lantz
Acting Deputy Director of Global Security
Black and Veatch


Jerry Paul Spring, TX

If you are looking for a job in project management in software related field, I can help review your resume.


Katie Tamarelli Newport, KY

Happy to review your resume. Send me a sample job description you are using and your resume to my personal email account,

Thank you for your service.



Jim Schreier Milwaukee, WI

James, I just look at the resume you provided me in 2015 and my advice there to be more focused on accomplishments, etc. should still hold if you want to streamline on your project management experience. Focus it on what you've done -- not what you have!


Henry ("Dr. Hank") Stevens Fort Lauderdale, FL

Three thoughts for you:

First, think about your talents and how to showcase them. I am a BIG fan of Talent trumping experience every time.

Second, get the book, WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE?" by Boles. Make it your new Bible as in addition to offering sound advice about resumes, covers other topics such as interviewing and job sourcing.

Third, here is the web address of a FREE site that will help you come to grips with defining your talents. If you need help with the resultant scores, contact me off this channel at and I will be happy to give you my two cents worth - also FREE!


Lex Levin Ellicott City, MD

Hi Jamell,

I am a professional resume writer specializing in Vet to Fed transitions. Happy to review your resume and offer some free advice. Please use my contact page to send it to me and tell me a bit more about your career goals:


Jacinda Chan Sacramento, CA

You can email your resume to me, and I can streamline it to your individual qualities. I don't work in project management, but I'm a professional writer.

You need to tailor your resume to your qualities and how they fit each job.


Susana Moraga Hayward, CA

As Tim mentioned you need to tailor your resume to the position.
There are many resources on this site to find individuals that are in the field and area that you want to pursue. Consider reaching out to them directly.
Good luck,


Tim Feemster Dallas, TX

You can send me your resume and we can discuss what type job you are looking at and where you might want to live. That way, we can tailor your resume for the right audience and once it is completed start networking in the right geography. My specialties are logistics/supply chain, manufacturing, project management, and transportation. If you are interested in any of these fields, you can send your resume to me and we can set up a call to discuss- 214-693-7689.

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