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Process Map for Job Applications


Harry Edelman Pittsburgh, PA

Hello everyone,

Thank you again to all of those that have helped and have been active on ACP Advisornet. Thanks to your help, I have really been able to refine my objectives and what I can bring to the table.

With that, I have applied for a few jobs via Glassdoor and Linkedin as well as directly through some company's websites. As I am doing this, I realized that I don't actually understand what I am doing and I want to make sure I am grounded. I was wondering if someone would be able to breakdown the "process," and how decentralized it is through these sites. I understand the complexity of the question and that unfortunately, it has to be a gross generalization.

For example, company X posted a job early last week. I applied mid week via Linkedin. I received a notification that the job poster has viewed my application two days later via Linkedin. I have not received any formal communication from the company via email or in my inbox on linkedin.

So a few of my thoughts and questions about the process.

- What is the typical form of communication for companies that post openings on these sites? Is it typical to expect an email or should I watch my inbox on linkedin.

- What status am I at right now? By being "viewed," is it safe to say that I have moved past the first step of the application process? Or has my application been viewed, and discarded for whatever reason?

- Does Linkedin or others provide an update on their site that I have not been selected for a position, or do they require the companies to contact the applicants directly.

Finally, as a general rule of thumb I have read that if I do not hear anything from a company that I do not have any connections in, that I should wait approximately three weeks after applying. I am not sure how hard and fast of a rule that is though.

Thanks again for everyone's help.

20 August 2018 3 replies Career Exploration



Emanuel Carpenter Alpharetta, GA

Harry - The secret to finding the job you want is to learn about it BEFORE it gets posted on a site like Glassdoor or LinkedIn. How cool would it be to be the first applicant? You can do this by connecting to potential hiring managers on LinkedIn prior to looking to see if they have job openings. After connecting, ask for their advice. Tell them you are a veteran looking for a career in their industry. Ask if they plan to hire people that do what you do. Ask if they will look at your resume.

Secondly, send your resume to family, friends, and ex-colleagues. Tell them that finding a job is imperative. Ask if they know if anyone is hiring. Employers love it when candidates come from their current employees' referrals. It saves them time and money. Plus, they can vouch for you.

Lastly, if you must use job boards to find a job, I highly recommend LinkedIn. First, ask to connect with the person who posted the job. Then, apply for the job by either sending in your resume or completing the online application. Finally, if the job poster connects with you on LinkedIn, send that person a brief cover letter in your direct message and attach your resume. If the job was posted by a recruiter, you stand a good chance of having them accept your connection request. The combination of following the online instructions to apply plus sending your resume directly to the job poster doubles your chances of getting an interview.

Don't put too much stock in those messages on sites like Ziprecruiter that tell you a job poster has read your resume X amount of times. It's just an automated system that tracks email opens. Not every open indicates interest.

Hope this helps.

25 August 2018 Helpful answer


ACP AdvisorNet Staff New York, NY

Hi Harry,

Thanks for your question. From my experience with these automated processes, the best way to know where you are at in the review process is to ask! These sites (LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc.) may have hundreds of applications, so the best way to stand out is to send an email following up. Most of the time, postings will have the contact information to the recruiter or the ability to message the individual who posted the job ( This article from The Prepary ( describes the importance of following up via email. This blog has a lot of other great advice “for the modern job search”, I highly recommend browsing.

I hope this helps you navigate the various online job boards. Thank you for your service!

Taylor Boggio

21 August 2018 Helpful answer


Scott Gagnon Winthrop, MA

Get to know some of the people in contract employment firms. In the technology area, there are firms that place people in contract jobs for a specific amount of time. However, many of those people end up as full time, permanent status as some employers want to try out people and see if their skills and personality are a good fit at their company. Find these firms that place people in contract jobs that match your skills. It's kind of a two way street as you get to try a job too (as well as gain experience). Hope this helps. Scott G

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