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Can anyone provide some networking assistance for the Raleigh or Rocky Mount (and surrounding cities) areas of NC?


Jeremy Crawford Battleboro, NC

I have a BA in Marketing and an MBA, and I am exploring careers in public service, emergency management, healthcare administration, business operations, project management, law enforcement, chemical production, or business development, et al. I have an extensive LinkedIn connection roster, but have been having a lot of difficulties getting people to respond or provide assistance..

11 April 2018 14 replies Networking



Scott Vedder Orlando, FL


I'd recommend you connect with local chambers of commerce as a starting place. Many chambers offer some sort of "open networking" event on a regular basis. Typically guests are welcome to attend, sometimes for a nominal fee.

Chamber of commerce are a great place to meet real live people who are active in your community. You'll often meet small business owners and many times public officials too. Any of them may have a connection to valuable contacts for the careers you're seeking.

Just head in to an event and introduce yourself, but have a clear "ask" in mind. In your case it may be "Is there a contact in your network who would benefit from someone with 20 years' experience in X, Y, and Z? Would you be willing to make an introduction?" I think you'll be surprised at just how many "yeses" you'll encounter.

The internet is often an echo chamber (except of course for valuable sites like ACP Advisornet!) where real connections are difficult to foster. Don't rely on LinkedIn for networking. Use it as a way to follow-up with those you meet in-person.

I hope this helps.


13 April 2018 Helpful answer


Bernard Agrest Tulsa, OK

Hi Jeremy,

First off, thank you for your service!

A few things that I could recommend, that I believe will be of assistance. If you don’t already, consider following Michael Quinn on LinkedIn, he frequently provides useful tips for Veterans on their transition. He has also written an excellent, in-depth article on how to properly utilize LinkedIn, that I frequently recommend -

Next, consider taking advantage of the Community feature available on ACP AdvisorNet. It allows you to reach out to Advisors all over the country, but you are also able to filter by geographic location, industry and experience. I would suggest casting a wide-net, and reaching out to numerous advisors, in a variety of roles.

Please feel free to get in touch, and I’ll be happy to schedule a conversation on the phone and go over this feature in more detail.

Lastly, I would recommend that you take a look at your local ToastMasters chapter. While it is more a forum for developing public speaking and presentation skills, it is also presents the opportunity to develop a local network.

I hope this has been helpful, and do feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.



12 April 2018 Helpful answer


rey v Tampa, FL

Please let us know how you do or got selected I love those stories. Thanks

2 May 2018 Helpful answer


rey v Tampa, FL

Thank you for all you do. Def weigh your options. If your looking for public service go on The va will automatically give you preference for being a veteran and there are other government departments. But they have gs level positions for management or entry level for people with masters degrees . I suggest contacting your local vocational specialist at your local Va to help you fill out the application so you can get the right preference and also go on Facebook and look for veterans to government jobs page. Great people and info on there

2 May 2018 Helpful answer


Tracey Combel Thibodaux, LA


I currently work for the Town of Matthews Police. We are just outside (southeast) of Charlotte. We are actively hiring for police officers as well as dispatchers. I know that Charlotte is also prepping for a big hiring spell. The actual town that I live in, Mint Hill (East of Matthews) is also hiring for police officers. While Matthews and Mint Hill have a "smaller town" feel to them, they have smaller areas of responsibility than Charlotte, but come with less pay comparatively. I know this area is well west of your search, but it is an area that I know is constantly hiring and looking for good talent.



27 April 2018 Helpful answer


Dallas Newsome Elizabeth, NJ

Hi Jeremy,

My partner and I are both former Marines, and we set up a company that has been certified by the VA as a service disabled owned small business.

My partner is 100% service disabled from combat in Vietnam. I'm going through the disability process now from exposure to toxic water at Camp Lejuene.

My partner has a home in Greenville, NC, and I'm in Elizabeth, NJ,

The VA and other government agencies have set aside contracts for service disabled veterans. We have already completed small jobs for the VA and GSA, and are looking to expand.

In you'd like to discuss networking opportunities with us, please get in touch.



26 April 2018 Helpful answer


Joe Pierce Jonesboro, AR

I can provde you with some contacts in Charlotte. Send me your information

25 April 2018 Helpful answer


Louis Schwarz Somerville, NJ

Hi Jeremy. Many companies are moving tp the Cary area. Insurance companies would consider you in their claims operations, or general operations. Marketing is part of insurance, so go for it. MBA makes you attractive to companies, along with you experience. Everyone is looking for a problem solver, some one who resolves issues rather than bringing them to your boss. Why does he have you? Marines resolve issues.
Have fun and be happy.
Responses are difficult to get for any issue or request, so keep trying and move on. The individuals that don't respond have no interest, so move on.

23 April 2018 Helpful answer


Adam Thompson Stedman, NC


Start to focus your search a little bit. You kind of all over the place in what you want to do.

I would also check out

Nate has several networking events a week specific to the triangle area.


23 April 2018 Helpful answer


Rob Pianka Lancaster, PA

Hello Jeremy,

In my opinion...

You might want to look at The Little Black Book of Connections, by Jeffrey Gitomer. It is an effective guide to putting in the effort that networking requires.

Gitomer may strike you as a real civilian. Don't let that put you off. You are networking into the civilian world...

He may also strike you as a brash New Yorker...but get this: he lives near you in Charlotte NC. You will just have to "localize" his advice to your culture.

Hope that helps,

Rob Pianka

20 April 2018 Helpful answer


Darlene Casstevens Boonville, NC

You could try
I have my M.B.A. and while reviewing this website the other day I found a statistician
job in Durham, NC. I currently live in Durham so let me if there is anyway I can help!


Jeremy Crawford Battleboro, NC

Thanks again, to all of you who have posted a response. I may be missing something, but I have not found a way to respond directly to your individual posts.

As it relates to my wide area of interest: I believe narrowing my focus might help me filter out less-likely opportunities, but after 700+ specifically tailored resumes and applications, 8 interviews, and 7 job offers, I am not sure my wide focus is the problem. I believe the problem lies with getting to the interview. In 8 interviews I have had 7 offers (not all of which I accepted), so I believe I am presenting myself well, and when I am offered the position, it makes me feel like my applications are focused in industries I am qualified to work.

From the networking perspective, I work diligently to connect with industry leaders, HR personnel, and fellow veterans who I believe can help me get my resume reviewed or help me get to the interview. So far, the feedback I have received has not helped me get to an interview. For example, one recruiter provided a lot of help in crafting my resume for her organization, but in the end, I wasn't called for the interview...and she was the one selecting the interviewees.

Since I started to prepare for my retirement in Jan of 2011, I have applied to over 110 positions through USAJOBS, and not once have I made progress with any of those applications. I am not going to let this get me down, but the subjective guidance I have received has me more confused and frustrated about the government hiring process than that of the private industry world.

I am generally a positive person, and I am trying to execute the guidance of "job hunting professionals" that I have connected with, but constant dead-ends, radio silence, and receiving response emails stating "we've chosen another candidate" get tough to deal with.

If I had to indicate what's worked for me, it would be:
1) Network with someone who you have mutual or shared interest with (veterans, college alumni, or former colleagues).
2) Offer your help to the connection before asking or expecting them to offer you help (if possible).
3) Don't be afraid to explore fields where you may lack direct experience.
4) Be prepared to deal with, and address misconceptions organizations may have about hiring veterans (boy, has there been a lot of misunderstanding and inaccurate impressions).
5) Don't let rejection in one area deter you from continuing to make progress in other areas.

Thanks for the willingness to share your opinions and suggestions.



June Webb Washington, DC

Hi Jeremy,

If you would like to connect with me on Linkedin, I may be able to connect you with some organizations in the DC, VA or MD area. I can also look at your LinkedIn profile and make suggestions on how to make it more marketable and meet new people.

June Webb


Jeremy Crawford Battleboro, NC

Scott and Bernard,

Thanks for taking the time to provide a detailed response. I have made some progress with connecting with the area Chambers, and I will certainly make sure I connect with Michael Quinn.

As my job hunting and networking progresses, I will be sure to check back in here.


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