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Eddie Starr Spokane, WA

First, I would like an actual answer, not "check SBA, SCORE, etc."

I'm working on fine-tuning my web site, along with my engagement letter, which is essentially the contract I have, for when I engage clients, and provide services. I need some feedback/role playing.

I would like you to look over what I have, and give me feedback on what may need to be cleaned up, edited, etc.

This is for a mobile app business, focusing on NPOs and churches.

5 January 2018 4 replies Small Business



Jim Schreier Milwaukee, WI

Possible connection here for your request. I've developed and/or manage multiple web sites and with colleagues do extensive work in the NPO and church areas. Have several perspectives on engagement letters as I keep mine relatively simple and one of my colleagues (where I'm frequently involved in the project) uses a very long, detailed documents. Might be able to provide you some comparisons.

6 January 2018 Helpful answer


Eddie Starr Spokane, WA

For anyone who would like to see the web site:

I help churches and non-profits raise funds by taking advantage of the mobile internet.

Throughout the blog/new page, I include statistics on the mobile web users, along with how much they spend. I relay my personal experience with a school fundraiser, and "fund raiser burn out."

The most recent post, Tax Deduction Info, was the hardest to research. I tried some sites that offer free tax advice. I went through numerous groups and forums. At one point, I tried going through a few IRS pages and phone numbers, which led no where. Then, I finally found the answer I needed. I repeatedly mention, through that post that the information is only a guideline, and that I'm not a professional, and to consult someone in their jurisdiction for taxes.

Instead of "fundraiser burnout," people do what they normally do. All it takes is for the people in the organization, and the people they interact with, to make some minor changes to their online shopping habbits.

They download the free app (I suggest they have the app be free). They go to the part of the app for fundraising. From there, they select a shop they normally use. For this example, I'll use Amazon. When the users shop via the App, they are shopping on that organization's affiliate code(s). A percentage of that money goes to the organization, and that can also be written off for the user's taxes. This can be done, year round, and during the big shopping seasons, organizations can put out to their community reminders that "shop via our app, and a percentage of what you spend goes to help out x."

What about Amazon smile? From their site:

Can I receive a tax deduction for amounts donated from my purchases on AmazonSmile?
Donations are made by the AmazonSmile Foundation and are not tax deductible by you.

So, by going through your app, in most circumstances, they ARE tax deductible; something you'll want to emphasis to users.

What charities can I choose from?
You can choose from almost one million eligible 501(c)(3) public charitable organizations.

What about various organizations that are NOT? I know of some churches that refuse to allow the state to be the head of the church. Thus, they can receive the donations, remain free, AND their users can write off what they earn in taxes.

Any major site that has an affiliate program, you can sign up for, and add to your app's fundraise section. You can also have your web master (or we can do that, too!) add that to a section of your web site, as well.

Whereas most companies will charge you $1000 for a "bare bones app," I do it for $500. I do have a more advanced shopper for $700. On both packages, I do allow for smaller organizations to pay monthly (fee is higher). I also offer to back up the app on the cloud, so that updates can be done, for a fee, along with other optionals. Note: Apple charges $100/yr (about) for a developer account, to be able to keep your app(s) on their store. Using leveraging, I can host the apps under my account for only $10/yr.

As for the engagement letter, either send me a message through here, or from the Main Site, Contact form.


Bob Molluro Wilmington, DE

Eddie I would be happy to provide feedback. What is your URL and what does your engagement letter look like?


David Unger Cape Elizabeth, ME

Eddie, I was in the same position and I retained a editor/ proof reader. (Independent contractor).
She spent some time with me, got to understand my style and then rewrote or fine tuned my website and my materials.

With my engagement letter(s) I checked with my lawyer first to make sure I had the legalize I needed before I gave it to the editor/ proof reader. Then she did her magic.

I own a software company specializes in the NPO world. I would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your app.

Feel free to contact me off line,

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