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Transitioning Marine in NYC area, finishing school in June of 2016, want to line up a job, its not going well..


Richard Doyen Somerville, NJ

I had written on here prior with help with my resume and the response was amazing. Now that I have my resume looking good, its time for the next step. After my service, I enrolled in college and am finishing my degree in a few months. I have been applying left and right on job boards/sights and have heard nothing in response. I know that I don't graduate until June of this year, but it seems appropriate to start applying for jobs 90 days out. At least get some feedback on how I can approve or where I could fit in. I have a Finance and Supply Chain background in the Marine Corps and my degree is in Political Science. I want to work in the Finance industry or Supply Chain Industry. I also have many years of sales experience to my disposal as well. I could use some advice or help getting into the door so I showcase myself to possible employers. Any help would be amazing. Thank you for taking the time. Semper Fi!

30 March 2016 8 replies Mentoring



Diana C. Navratil La Quinta, CA

Hello Richard,
My name is Diana Cuz Navratil I am a Certified Performance Life Coach with over 500 paid coaching hours. I have been a Life coach since 2008. I donate my coaching sessions to the Men and Women who have raised their right hand to defend this great country of ours. I coach people on where they are NOW in their lives and move them to where they desire to be. The past is important it has brought you to where you are today. Coaching is not about advising or telling you what to do. You have all the answers within you. The question is finding what holds you back from getting what you want. I am here to coach you as you transition back into civilian life.
Diana Cruz Navratil CPC


Terria Wheeler Norcross, GA


Try All the answers to your questions are there.

Step 1. Click Veteran Finder (Type in your Miltary occuaption and zip code)

Step 2. Click Business Finder (Type in Finance then Supply Chain and zip code. It will list all the business around you that want your degree, in addition it will will list website, contact number and point of contact)


LaVera Caston Plano, TX

I agree! Face to face is best. Online sites look for certain buzz words and weed out applicants. Many times they are posting as government requirement. Might already have in-house candidate. Network at church, social organizations (join national organizations). Pass your info around. Talk out your desires like an announcement. What does your school do for seniors or certified graduates in terms of marketing for employment? Teachers have friends with other jobs, businesses, management positions. Ask teachers for ideas, to network, etc.. Many people are seeking entrepreneurship freedom!


Justus Hanna Miami, FL


Don't waste your time applying to jobs online. Hiring actions happen by having face to face conversations with lots of different people.

Veterans have a massive network across the world to tap into and almost every vet will grab a coffee and tell you what they do and if they know of any opportunities within their organization.

Use LinkedIn and find NYC vets in the industry/company you are interested in, make some cold calls/emails, and just have a conversation. Don't directly ask for a job and put that person on the spot, the conversation will flow into that naturally if it's the right fit and the right time.

Reach out directly anytime. I'm in NYC all weekend.



Jason Nalewak Chambersburg, PA

First of all thank you for your service. Your experience in supply chain and finance is something many companies are seeking, along with your character qualities in leadership and teamwork that you developed while serving in the Corps. My advice to you is don't limit your search to just companies that deal in Finance or Supply Chain Management. Many companies, especially large manufacturing companies, have their own organic finance and supply chain entities that are crucial to their success and continued growth. Since you are graduating soon, you also have the option of utilizing the internship or co-op path towards being hired by a company.

Using my company as an example, we have well paid internships and career foundation programs in different areas (supply chain and finance included) that take in well qualified college graduates/students and most often result in long term gainful employment.

I think you should continue your efforts online in applying to companies and engaging contacts any way you can, but you should also complement that by going to career fairs (school, community events, etc.) where you can meet company reps face to face, gather business cards, and get your resume into their hands. Some career fairs have rapid hiring activities where companies will do the entire hiring process onsite for selected applicants (that is how I got into Boeing).

Here is a link to our company's hiring site if you are interested.

Good luck and all the best.


Drew Schildwächter Wilmington, NC

Rich: military talent recruiting is a great resource for people in your position. Check out my article on the subject on LinkedIn (link below). The bottom line is that these companies put you in front of companies in which you might be interested; you pick the companies (from among those with whom the company works), the companies are looking for people like you, and it is free (less -in some cases- the travel cost to some events).

You have a good background and résumé, and there are some great recommendations here about pursuing your interests. The military talent companies are a good way to augment your search. They will help spread your net wider and do some of the leg work for you.


Bryon Keim Jacksonville, FL

Thank you for your service, it is greatly appreciated. Michael hit on something that I was going to mention. Focus on specific companies, job boards / sights may be too general. If you apply for a job posted on an companies website you'll most likely get some kind of response from their HR dept,

As my back ground is in the rail industry I'll suggest or You can also Google "careers at (insert company name)" and you'll directed to that companies site where you'll be able to view and post on specific jobs that you may be qualified for. Keep those websites in your favorites and visit them every couple of weeks as companies are always posting new positions.

It's been my experience that if you are identified as a potential candidate you'll be contacted by that companies HR dept for a phone interview / screening and if you make it to the next level they may even fly you in (at their expense) for a personal interview.

Hope that helps,


Michael Hendri Warminster, PA

Hello Richard,

First than you for your service. It is greatly appreciated! I would redirect your search to networking for the position you are seeking. Begin by looking at associations, groups, and possible contacts to help you make connections in the industries you referenced above. If you are on LinkedIn, you can search your contacts to see who they know and ask for an introduction.

Consider creating a target company list. Once you have that list, see who you know that might know someone at those companies. Next, ask for an informational interview no longer than 30 minutes. I realize this part might be a little tricky based on your location and work, but you can get creative and use Skype or Face Time or some other technology to have a remote call.

You will want to prepare an agenda ahead of time outlining what will be discussed in the call. Remember, you are not asking for a job here. You are asking for assistance.

I would continue to apply to positions online because most companies require you follow their application process. However, I would tie this application in with talking to a contact that can help you to reach someone connected to the organization you want to work at.

There is a local career consultant in my area named Ford Myers. He has an excellent book titled "Get the job you want, Even when no one is hiring: Take charge of your career". I have found it to be valuable when I was searching for a position.

I hope this information is helpful.

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