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Resume and Job Fair Advice


Kenneth Mayo Minneapolis, MN


First off, thank you for your time and efforts assisting transitioning veterans to the civilian workforce. I have been working on my resume, networking, volunteering/community involvement, and development for the last few years in preparation for transitioning. I am now about 12 months out from transition and will be attending my first Hiring our Hero’s job fair.

I am wondering if I can get some advice on my resume; I am aware it needs adjusted for each particular position. However, I need to know if I am on the right path, and what steps I may need to take to look more desirable to potential employers. If you have the time to look over my resume, please let me know. My interests lie in for-profit companies in a manufacturing setting working in supply chain.

I also have never attended a job fair before and would appreciate some advice. My intentions are to learn from these experiences, network and develop my job searching skills until I get closer to transition.

Again, thank you for your time and any advice you are willing to provide.

Kind regards,

Kenneth Mayo

5 July 2015 10 replies Resumes & Cover Letters



Michaela Phillips Groveland, MA

Hi Kenneth!

I think job and career fairs are an excellent method for you to gain employment. You're getting the opportunity to speak face to face with the people who make decisions about your resume. You have the opportunity to impress recruiters who may have overlooked your application because there wasn't an obvious fit. I would attend as many as are in your area.

When you're at a job fair, just be yourself. Bring copies of your resume, but be prepared to actually speak about your experience. I personally do not like when I ask someone what they've done before, and they just hand over their resume- I want to hear it from you! Be able to articulate your experience, and take advantage of asking questions. Questions are great for you to get answers to, but also to further impress who you're talking to. Ask about the company's core values and culture, and ask about opportunities for professional development. Take the opportunity to explain how you can connect to their values and mission.

Ask questions about how to formally apply, and take advantage of setting up job alerts through career sites if you feel a fit with that Company.

Best of luck!

Michaela Phillips

8 July 2015 Helpful answer


John Klymshyn Santa Monica, CA

Lots of useful points here...
Some advice from a former recruiter: A resume is an INVITATION to an interview, not a substitute for one.
All of your accomplishments must have action verbs in them. "Developed" "Led", "Initiated". Etc.
I would also be happy to look at your resume.

Have to ask, though... what EXACTLY do you want to do for a living?
Jobs are everywhere. Opportunity and growth are not.
While Job Fairs are useful for you to ferret out what you DO want to do (and what you Don't!) Most great jobs are not advertised.
Send me your resume. Maybe we can talk for 7 - 9 minutes.
Coach K

6 July 2015 Helpful answer


Krystal Yates Lewisville, TX

Hi Kenneth,

Send me your resume, I'd be happy to look at it.

6 July 2015 Helpful answer


Phil C. Fort Worth, TX

Mr. Mayo,

Here are some lessons I've learned during my Army-civilian transition.

General Resume Advise:
- Spread the margins out
- Fill the white space (use columns)
- Try not to exceed one page
- Use a professional sounding email address
- Have an "Interests" section with personal interests that may align with your desired career path and interests that make you sound like you are a human being, not a robot
- Submit ALL resumes and other documents in PDF--> MS Word saves in PDF
- Provide academic and professional projects when submitting resumes
- Gather a list of professional references and submit it with your resume --> Commanders, Professors, etc etc.
- DO NOT provide your DD214 unless specifically asked to do so. The same goes for your SSN, in general
- Make a unique linkedin URL and put it on your resume next to your email address

I really need to emphasize getting on Linkedin and reference your page on your resume. Linkedin will allow you to add greater detail and clarity to an already great resume. Another thing I would like to drive home is using PDF instead of .doc file types. MS Word will underline a lot of Army jargon and acronyms in red or green which does not necessarily make for an attractive resume. PDF will avoid this entirely and keep anyone from making inadvertent changes. Good luck!


6 July 2015 Helpful answer


Stephen Kimball Cassopolis, MI

While I have attended several job or career fairs in my region, I have found them more of a PR ploy for businesses to say we participated in "so and so's" Veteran Job Fair. "Thank you for your service; Please review our website." If this is a job fair, why don't you know what "hot" or hard to fill jobs are available now?


Stefan Beyer Kirkland, WA

I've done contract work across multiple disciplines, and the work done hasn't always been a 1-to-1 correspondence with my experience. While it's good to mention what you did on each team, be sure to explain your role on the team and how you made the team more effective - those are the skills from your military experience which will directly apply to the civilian job market.

If you have any questions feel free to private message me your resume, and I can give it a look. :)


Kenneth Mayo Minneapolis, MN

I wanted to send a thank you to the volunteers and staff which have provided so much relative information. I honestly tried ACP to see if I could get some help with my resume and have been overwhelmed by the amount of support given. I have been in the Army my whole life as a dependent child and now as a Soldier. I will be the first in three generations to transition completely from the Federal Government into the corporate world. I would lie if I did not say there are many unknowns. However, I honestly believe ACP is making a significant difference in the lives of our nation’s service members.


Dana Gorman New York, NY

Hi Kenneth - happy to have a look at your resume. Shoot it over to whenever you get a chance.




James Watson San Diego, CA

I am retired after a 40 year career in industry where I hired over 100 people. Now I am helping veterans like yourself by helping with their resumes. If you would e-mail me your resume ( I would be happy to comment on it.

Jim Watson


James Hassett Jefferson, PA

Resumes are you calling card, usually scanned by a computer for catch words that apply to the position you may be applying for. So makes sure you these catch words when composing your resume. Hiring managers spend an aver of 3-5 seconds scanning a resume so like a greT book or news story the headline has to catch the eye and make the reader want to read more. I like a personal statement on what a person can add to a company based on their achievements and skills. Such as "A team player who has demonstrated the skills necessary to evaluate, design and carry out a company plan." In others words sell yourself as a asset to the company. Microsoft Word has three templates for resumes. I like to use a resume that succinctly shows my skills and achievements. Just send the resume or give it at the Job Fair if the company wants a follow up they will contact you. Follow up any interview, even at a job fair with a thank you know to the person who interviewed you. Job fairs are great if you target a few companies you would like to work for. Research the company, know what they do, know how they are doing, and tell them how you can help them.

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