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Can you hook me up with a job in San Diego?


Michael White Imperial Beach, CA

I really need and require job placement assistance. All this mumbo jumbo about career advice is useless to me. I just simply need a job. I'm an Honorably Discharged Retired Navy Veteran with over 13 years service to our nation, I have both an AA and BA in political science with an overall GPA 3.61 and recently got certified as a Microsoft Excel Office Specialist. My background in the Navy was office administration. Yet despite my credentials, I am unable to get hired by anyone. I've had my resume revamped, been through all the motions with interviewing techniques and so forth and so on, even trying to work the the V.A.'s Voc Rehab program. Really, what I need is for a truly Vet friendly employer to just hire me and give me a chance. I've applied for over 500 jobs since last year when I lost my last job in cleaning service due to lost service accounts. You really want to help me, just give me a job. Thanks.

24 May 2015 4 replies Career Advancement



Scott Thomas-Fitch Emeryville, CA

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your service and happy memorial day. While I realize the title was written hastily, I want to impress upon you three things:

1. No one is going to "hook you up" with a job, just like you didn't ascend the ranks of military command by just asking. You have to put in the work. It appears that you have the motivation based on what you have said, but it appears you could work more strategically, which is the second point.

2. Just submitting a resume online or in the mail is useless these days. To your points, computers have to weed out a large variety of unqualified (or their resumes, networks or social profiles don't help them enough convey they are properly qualified). As such it is not a quantity game, it's a quality game. I am a firm believer that applying online will get you a job as much as walking through the door at a job conference. You have to follow up, make personal contacts, look for an in and preferably someone who will refer you. I don't have the article but Google who is most likely the most selective company in the world, rarely pulls from candidates that haven't come internally referred. Focusing on meeting people and doing your due diligence on the company will save the potential employer (and you) a lot of time and trouble in the long run. Do you have any colleagues whose jobs you are in awe of. Start there. Another great way to do this, is to do an internship if you are looking at trying out a new company/industry.

3. What do you want to do? You took a class in Excel, am I to assume you want to be an analyst or do you prefer more human interaction? My recommendation to my clients is to always find the intersection between what are your personal strengths, professional interests and what there is a market for. Find the intersection of those three and you have found a career where work will be mentally/emotionally engaging to you and you will most likely succeed.

I find that many companies especially appreciate the experience that veterans bring. Here's somewhere to start taking into account the above:

Best of luck and if I can help out further please contact me directly.

Thank you again for your service,

Scott Thomas-Fitch

25 May 2015 Helpful answer


Markee Cuevas Escalon, CA

I can do some research for you, like a pro-bono advocate, but it would take me a day to gather resources for you. I need your email, so I can stay in touch. you have what it takes and all you need is a plug in.

email me at:


Wen-Ling Shaiu San Marcos, CA

You have been through so much and I understand your frustration. I had been there.
Are you open to other options? If yes, then contact me and we could sit down and talk more.



Dennis Nadeau Pompano Beach, FL


Do you have a resume put togther?
Do you have a LinkedIn account?
What kind of work are you looking for?

If you do not have a LinkedIn account, please sign up for one.

it's one of the best networking platforms to finding work or other resources. If you have one, please send me an invite, dennis t. nadeau.

I have many contacts in the San Diego area, which I may be able to help you, but I need your resume. Please email it to

Best, DN.

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