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Elliot Young


Role and Company

CEO, Uniworld International Associates Inc


25 years experience in consulting


Brooklyn, NY

About Elliot

I come from an old school hard-working blue-collar middle-class family of business owners. I started my first business with 5 friends at 12yrs old building pedal bikes of any speed for $30 to the neighborhood because not enough kids had bikes. Used that money to start a second business at 14yrs old with 11 older friends on the block called Uniclean Building Maintenance Corporation cleaning homes, offices, and commercial buildings. Started it for $800 and sold it for 100 times that amount 3 years later. The business that bought it still exists today. It was sold to an older brother of one of the founders. I used to carry a Macintosh Classic in a backpack doing logos for small businesses. I worked on Wall Street when I was 18 with a Series 6 and 63 for First Investors. Nasdaq certified and started my business a few years later using the logo I created at age 16 that I use today. I taught myself how to build computers, create software way before certifications, and the rest is history. Had a radio show, video show, music industry, worked with award show production, sold costume jewelry across the USA doing trade shows, practiced martial arts, traveled, and had an AT&T Wireless kiosk franchise with 3 locations and some other things between then and now. My unique perspective gives me some advantages to understanding small businesses and their needs. My business has changed over three decades. I keep abreast of technologies and how they can help small businesses today across industries especially disruptive tech. I have volunteered my time to organizations for 25yrs+.

What is the military connection you might ask?
My Dad who was Port Authority Police, Bridge & Tunnel Police, NYPD, Ferry Agent for Marine & Aviation, Ambulance Driver, Jr Exec Paramount Pictures, and a few others. As well as owning 15 cars in his life, had his own radio show, and sold cases of snickers shipped from Brooklyn in WWII overseas to citizens, soldiers, and anyone who would purchase them. If that wasn't enough he was a Buffalo soldier with the 370th Company L. When he was honorably discharged he had a group of guys that did parties for military and law enforcement called The Corsairs. He had custom made suits made every 2 weeks for $35. While earning $125 per week which I was told was a fortune when everyone else with only one job was earning about $50 a week. So again I am a straight shooter and the education I received growing up with parents that were 43+ years older than myself with a Mom that retired from the IRS is priceless. It made me the business person I am today. Thank you for your service if not for soldiers like yourself and my Dad that changed his age to enlist I would not be here today. My profile picture is my son in my Dad's WWII Buffalo Soldier uniform. Salute.

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