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Justin Carson


Military Service

U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant


7 years served


Seeking a career in small business


New Braunfels, TX

About Justin

I'm going to do my best here hope it doesn't get too long for people. I'm 37 and I've been out since 2008. That sounds like such a long time ago and it is, but I'm still with no career. I have no degree. I tried but failed 4 times. I'm just now starting to really put everything together and it's pretty overwhelming. I've come to realize that our perspectives on life and our experiences make it really difficult to start out anywhere on the lower end of employment. By that I mean jobs that we could basically get out of high school, minimum wage up to $17 hour possibly. Unless we get a good degree in something but what are the statistics for that? I'm guessing it's not that good. I want to fix the issues but I don't know where to even start. Our society does not deal with us very well at all. That's where our difference in perspectives works against us with civilians it seems. And the lower levels of employment don't challenge us enough, we're nowhere even near the bar we had set in the military. Most people don't ever reach that bar out here! Why is that? Look at the patterns, that's something else that's really frustrating. Men and women from your unit or squadron all following mostly the same patterns in the civilian sectors. So basically our civilian society just isn't equipped with enough knowledge and experience with us either. They perceive us wrong and they don't understand our honor and integrity in a lot of situations. And if you have one of these jobs where you're having to work up the ladder again, anyone with ambition is going to get sabotaged or never even given a chance. This has been my experience. I've probably had 25 jobs total, the highest paid was almost $40k which was about a year and a half after I discharged. All I can say is I've learned a ton along the way but I look like crap on a resume. I'm not arrogant and im not someone who's out to challenge people or win arguments. I'm more humbled and openminded at this stage in life. I'm seeking wisdom, God, and understanding. I believe the rest will come as long as I don't veer off and stay the course.

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