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Data Science - An Evolving Tech-domain

Education & Training

In the recent years many technologies have come into picture. One such technology is Data Science. Data Science is an evolving technology in the present world which is serving the industries to improve their productivity. Data Science is one of the top trending technology of the era and data science has stretched its roots deep down in the corporate industry. Due to this vast inference, new age learners and working professionals are keen to learn this technology. To curb this, various online data science training are available through which one can master data science and begin career as a data scientist.

As their is huge requirement for storing of data in the present day world, data science has come into picture. Before, storing of data used to be a problem, but when frameworks have solved it, the attention has been shifted to processing the data that has been stored. Data science will also be the future backbone of leading technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

In late 1990’s the data that was used was very small and was structured. It was also easy to inspect the data using simple tools. Today almost 80%- 90% of data is unstructured or semi-structured. The data that is used now a days is is in form of multimedia, files, zip files which requires huge storage space. These unstructured or semi-structured and can’t be inspected with simple tools. It requires complex algorithms and tools for inspecting such unstructured data. To process such data Data Science helps us and makes the way easy.

Social media (such as Facebook, Instagram), entertainment websites (such as Netflix, amazon prime) know the importance of data and that is where data science plays a major role. These major websites started using this technology as there is a huge requirement for them to hold a huge amount of data.

A Data scientist must always be aware of present leading technologies as they will be changing day today. Data science consists of complex algorithms, mathematical formula, statistics. The one who wants to deal with data science must be aware of python as most of the work that is to be done on data science is on python. Mathematical Theorems and algorithms are to be solved to reduce the complexity.

Data science has reduced the complexity of storing the data in huge formats. As day by day the technology changes the data science might also reduce its complexity of storing data. But may be in future also Data Science will always play a key role in storing the data.

Data Science is also used in marketing, medicine, health care, sales, business, finance and many more. These platforms have a huge requirement of storing their data across the world.
That is where data science helps them to store the data and help the huge data that is stored to process. Even many websites such as Netflix, Hotstar, WhatsApp have huge requirement for storing their data as the number of users have been increasing rapidly. As these users have been increasing rapidly the data over the world has also been increasing. Most of this data by the websites is unstructured.

Data Science is also related to Artificial Intelligence where the whole thing is connected top machine learning. In artificial intelligence the data that is given can’t be used directly. It has to be trained again and again by giving it different data types and patterns. Data Science is also connected to many other leading technologies in the world. This also made a huge difference in the platform of storing data in different patterns.

The data might be stored in different forms such as multimedia, files and many more but data science makes it easy to process the data that has been stored in any format. Technologies have played a major roles in the present day scenario. They made our lives easy and safe. The whole process of understanding these technologies has not been easy since starting. But removing the complexities and making changes it is getting easy may be not completely but rapidly.

Almost all the technologies are connected in some or the other way. Even data science is connected to AI and ML. The whole process of cracking data science has not been easy. Data Science have algorithms and mathematical equations that are to be understood first. It is also not that easy to understand the whole concept in one day. It requires huge interest in understanding of data and how it stored and how it process. A data scientist must be fully aware of python and how it works. Because most of the data science work is done on python.

The graph of unstructured data has increased exponentially from late 1990’s to 2020. This says that the use of data science is very important. Data science is also a leading course in today’s education system. Most of the educational institutes made this data science course a must and should subject in the curriculum. The present day engineers almost everyone are aware of data science. Everybody study this data science as it plays a major role in leading technologies.

Data science focus on past and future data. The technologies that data science use are Rapid Miner, Weka, . The approach of data science is Statistics, Machine Learning, Graph Analysis, Neuro- linguistic Programming (NLP).The data sources are cloud, text, SQL.

When data science has been discovered it first worked on planning and modeling of data. Later it worked on optimizing and confirming results. After confirming results the major task was to understanding the whole concept. The major sources that are used are SQL, SAS and R. Though many tools are present the mostly used tool is R.

There are also many examples given in the internet websites to understand the concept of data science. One such example is diabetics. And there are many such examples to understand the concept of data science and its uses. The need of data science is also very high as the whole world is running on storing of data and sharing of data. Data science made the process of sharing data and storing it easy for the whole world which is running on it.

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