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What does an AWS SysOps Administrator Do?

Education & Training

Difference between cloud computing and AWS

Cloud computing can be defined as delivering on-demand services over the internet based on the pay scale you choose. In other words, cloud computing services cut organizations’ pain of buying, storing and maintaining the software and hardware. These cloud services fulfill the industry need from small-scale business applications to huge data storage systems. These days many organizations are providing infrastructure and platforms for various cloud services. Amazon AWS is one of them that provides a software platform for highly secured cloud-based services. Nowadays, the demand for AWS administrators is very high. An AWS SysOps Administrator training helps you gain a better understanding of cloud computing with AWS to make an advanced-level career. To start a career as an AWS administrator is not that easy, you have to do a lot, prove your skillset and keep going forward in the work-life.

AWS SysOps Administrator

An AWS SysOps engineer is a professional from an IT background who takes participation in designing and development of AWS application. His major responsibility is to closely observe all the activities that fall into the development procedure.
An AWS system operator takes charge of a computer server and its functionality. They operate and run computer servers. On the other side, an AWS administrator takes care of user access to the server and all the security factors. In small organizations, AWS administrators and SysOps are the same people.

Roles & Responsibilities of an AWS SysOps Administrator

The frequently changing trends in technology have transformed the whole traditional working style and gave birth to different job roles with new career opportunities. The cloud technology has gone under various changes and now demands more skilled professionals for an administrative role than the traditional ones. Now the job of an AWS administrator is more challenging, they need to be properly equipped with automation skills that are useful in ding numerous programmable tasks in infrastructure-related jobs. An AWS SysOps Administrator training program will help you understand and improve many industry-specific skills that you can utilize through your career path as an AWS administrator.

The roles and responsibilities of a SysOps administrator are not easy. The job nature of a SysOps administrator varies from one company to another. Monitoring computer servers, connecting network devices and installing software are not that challenging and most IT professionals are a smooth performer for all these tasks. Nowadays companies are looking for something more, they prefer people from IT backgrounds having sound knowledge of automation since numerous administrative jobs in AWS are programmable that requires automation. Also, SysOps professionals have to maintain virtual cloud resources that are not an ordinary task.

The job nature of an AWS SysOps administrator involves more technical expertise today. This changing requirement is not only inspiring to boost technical skills rather inspiring professionals to explore new job opportunities in the same field. Automation skills are mandatory for a SysOps administrator to grow as many administrative functions are programmable.

Role & Responsibilities

The prime role of a SysOps administrator is to configure the AWS cloud system, observing and manging all its services with full care. Since this job is very critical hence, SysOps professionals are supposed to be very strict with this task. In short, there are two key responsibilities of a SysOps administrator – First, configuring the AWS cloud system and second, managing & observing all services of AWS. These are the prime agendas of a SysOps administrator and must be done with full perfection. Let’s discuss the job roles of AWS SysOps professional one by one:

  • Improving the quality of existing resources, working on the resources that will be the part of planning and budgeting
  • Making use of extremely robust Amazon CloudWatch to check the metrics and usage of all the resources of AWS at full scale
  • Utilizing automation skills in AWS infrastructure to overcome the time needed for production, it includes Cloud Formation concept
  • Collaborating with the network team to provide proper wired connection and ready environment to the client
  • Creating a backup of all the resources, SysOps administrators use AWS services and prepare an on-premise backup of resources
  • Updating the whole system with the latest software version and creating data backup for disaster recovery
  • Maintaining data integrity by controlled user access through AWS application, continuous monitoring, and management of services
  • Monitoring if firewalls of the network are functioning correctly
  • Selecting correct AWS services based on the data and security needs
  • Calculating the cost of service usage and discovering the cost control procedures to improve the system efficiency
  • Modification in the AWS system as per architectural demand
  • Calculating the fault tolerance of the system under given business requirements
  • Ensuring maximum performance delivery by optimizing the whole system environment
  • Figuring out the problems or faults in the deployed application
  • Coordinating with other teams to remove the bug in the AWS system and increase the overall performance
  • Monitoring the overall cost and implementing the cost reduction program
  • Manging and monitoring the fault-tolerant AWS cloud system
  • Taking care of security policies and ensuring high data security


In simple words, the responsibilities of an AWS SysOps are very critical and they play an important role in the cloud computing services. Hence, SysOps professionals need to be technically sound only then they will be the right fit for the AWS SysOps administrator position. A SysOps professionals work throughout the complete lifecycle of a project means right from configuring an AWS cloud system, calculating cost & performance to optimizing the overall performance.

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