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Why some people fail and others succeed can be easily understood

Education & Training

Why some people fail and others succeed can be easily understood.

Sometimes it may even seem unfair.

We all know people who have a good education, the right attitude and a sincere desire to achieve. However, even with strong knowledge, feelings and desires, some people continue to lead mediocre lives. They want more, and they should have so much more than they do have.

So, why is it that? Why do some people succeed while others fail?

The difference between people who fail and people who succeed is how they harness TMA.

What is TMA? TMA is Training, Motivation and Action. T is for training. Training is the how to do it. M is for motivation. Motivation is the want to do it. A is for action. Action is the get to doing it. When it comes to TMA, the most important secret to your success is getting things done.

What you can do is absolutely incredible. What you will do is rather different than what you can do. Those who fail rarely take the consistent and necessary action that those who succeed do without hesitation.

Many people have all the knowledge they need, and they are excited about what they know. They keep reading and taking more courses without applying what they already know. But, as Zig Ziglar once said, winners “do today what others don’t, so they can have tomorrow what others won’t”. Anthony Robbins calls it your personal power; the ability to get yourself to take action. NIKE used it as a catchy marketing hook; Just Do It. And, I reiterate every time I encourage someone to FLIP The Switch – Focus, Leverage, Implement and Persist.

Those who fail do not put all that they know into the marketplace, i.e., put it to work. Those who succeed do. Those who fail refuse to stay up late at night developing new plans to achieve their dreams, nor do they consistently work hard day after day to make those dreams a reality. Instead, they spend more time gathering more information that they will never use. Not because the information is useless; rather, because they are without the personal power necessary to get themselves to take action.

Successful people take action.

Imagine how different your world would be if you made a commitment, right now, to put into action all that you currently know, wherever you currently are, and with whatever you currently have. What if you simply took action based upon all that you currently are?

What if, starting right now, you converted your dreams into plans and your plans into refined activities that would lead toward the achievement of your worthwhile, predetermined personal goals? What if you just got started doing it, and you kept doing it until you got it done?

What an exceptional life that would be!

You have resources and information that can enable you to affect a powerful transformation in your life. Combine that information with your personal motivation and take action. Learn more by doing more. Create an exceptional life for yourself.

Today, start getting things done and start living an exceptional life.

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