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6 Tips for Landing Your Dream Job Right out of College


Landing your dream job can take a lifetime, but it doesn't have to. While many people change their careers after college, there are several others that get their dream job right after graduating.

Living the Dream
Individuals that know what they want and know how to get it are the most likely to achieve their dream job upon graduation. However, it is rarely easy. Read on for six tips on finding your ideal career after you graduate.

1. Find Part-Time Work that Aligns with Your Major
College students are hardly strangers to taking on part-time jobs. However, instead of taking on a random job for the sake of making money, find a job that aligns with your major and your professional interests. Whether it is an internship or a part-time position, working within your desired field as a student will help to guarantee that you get your dream job upon graduation.

2. Start a Business or Become a Freelancer
The biggest challenge most people face when trying to work in their dream career is that it isn't immediately profitable. People that hope to found a startup or create a small business all fall into this category. Instead of waiting to explore entrepreneurship, interested students should start while they are still in school.

Start by analyzing what skills you have and finding other individuals that are searching for those skills. Using sites like or Fiver can help launch your freelancing career. Similarly, students looking to go a different route can try their hand at working with direct sales companies. These types of jobs will help students gain working experience that will help prepare them for any future jobs they have in mind.

3. Spend Free Time Volunteering
While most college students spend their free time hanging out with friends, others try to supplement their resumes and work experience by volunteering in their community. By volunteering in your community, you'll become comfortable working with others and you'll be able to show future employers that you are dedicated to supporting community organizations.

4. Familiarize Yourself with the Hiring Process
A huge part of landing your dream job is knowing what to expect and properly preparing yourself for it. By familiarizing yourself with a company's hiring process and general HR best practices, you'll be better prepared when you have to interview for your dream position. This is best to do while you're still a student so that you have ample time to prepare for your first round of interviews in the "real world".

Similarly, it is a good idea to reach out to mentors or advisors that are familiar with HR practices. This can help you to properly tailor your resume and "elevator pitch" for any upcoming applications and interviews.

5. Keep Getting Good Grades
Making good grades in college is about far more than just passing a class. By maintaining grades throughout your college career, you'll look better to employees that are looking at your resume and overall academic performance to determine whether to hire you or not.

Moreover, try your best to excel in classes that are apart of your major. It is likely that any future employer will pay the most attention to how well you performed in your core classes, so be sure to strive for excellence every time.

6. Make Time to Socialize
Students that are heavily focused on landing their ideal job after college often leave no time to socialize or have fun. While getting your career on track requires intense dedication and focus, be sure to find time for social activities as well. These life experiences make students well-rounded and more attractive to potential employers during the recruitment process.

Don't let your dream job escape you. Keep these six tips in mind as you prepare for graduation. If you're headed in the right direction and work hard, you'll hopefully be able to accept your ideal position once you receive your diploma.

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