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10 Transportation and Logistic Careers for Veterans

Career Exploration

There are many skills that are needed when you are applying for a job in the transportation and logistics career fields. These skills include critical thinking, time management, and problem solving. All of these skills will come naturally to veterans. That is why careers in transportation and logistics are usually filled by veterans. Here are ten transportation and logistics career options for veterans.

1. Health, Environmental Management, and Safety
You will manage and asses risks associated with environmental and safety issues. You will develop plans to keep our environment clean and safe.

2. Air Traffic Controller
You will control air traffic around an airport and traffic between altitude and control sectors. You will be expected to follow regulations as you control, regulate, and authorize commercial air traffic. Software knowledge is required for this position. Customer service, flight control software knowledge, and the knowledge of public safety and security and transportation is vital for air traffic controllers.

3. Freight and Cargo Inspectors
You will inspect the stowing, storage, and handling of freight cargo. This job requires good oral, math, and communication skills.

4. Ship Engineers
You will be responsible for overseeing your crew while they are engaged in overseeing deck machinery, boilers, engines, refrigeration, sanitary, and electrical equipment aboard the ship. Engineering, management, and technology skills are important for this job.

5. Sales and Service
You will be involved with selling and marketing transportation services to new customers. You will also manage relationships with existing customers.

6. Hoist and Winch Operators
You will be responsible for tending or operating hoists and/or winches used to move heavy loads using power operated cable equipment. You must be able to fix your machines along with running them. Knowledge of technological and mechanical skills is a must for this position.

7. Motorboat Operators
You will be operating small mechanical driven boats. You may also be required to navigate. According to eCarsCash good customer service skills, along with knowledge of geography, mechanics, transportation and public safety and security are required for this job. You will need manual dexterity, control precision, arm and hand steadiness and other factors to be able to work as a motorboat operator.

8. Bridge and Lock Tenders
You will tend bridges, lighthouses, and canals. You will supervise marine passage near shores, and on inland waterways, including danger points. Depth perception, critical thinking, and control precision are some of the skills you will need to perform this job. Public safety and security along with technology skills are a must if you want to become a bridge or lock tender.

9. Distribution Center and Warehouse Operations
You will focus on the operation of distribution and transportation facilities including warehouses, ports, and terminals. You will need to keep records of all cargo including sorting, packing, labeling, and loading cargo in a timely manner. Logistics play a large part of a distribution center or warehouse operations worker. Everything must get to the correct location at the correct time.

10. Subway and Streetcar Operators
You will be required to operate elevated urban trains without a separate locomotive, subways, or streetcars for passenger transportation. Depending on the vehicle, you may handle customer fares. You will need depth perception and control precision in order to operate these vehicles. Being able to recognize if a problem is about to occur is also a required skill for these positions. You must be able to drive and maintain your vehicle. You also must be able to identify events, objects, and actions that occur while you are operating your vehicle. Knowledge of transportation and public safety and security is a must when applying for these jobs.

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