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7 Tips For Veterans Who Want To Make Money From Blogging

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It’s not always easy, finding a job that you love and that pays a lot of money. However, with the advancements in technology and thanks to Internet, you are now able to share your story with the world. The best part is, if you tell it right, everyone will want to hear it.

By now you have probably realized that blogging could be your dream job. You probably want to do it or you have already tried. However, you can’t figure out how to make money while blogging.

Here is a quick guide:

Start a blog

To start making money blogging you’ll need a blog - obviously. So, look up some of the best sites for blogging like WordPress or Blogger - or even YouTube - and start building your site. It should have a compelling theme and a good design. It should also have a few pages like ‘About me’ and ‘Contact’.

Be consistent

Consistency is the most important thing, other than quality content. Create a schedule as you start blogging and make sure that you never miss a set date. You can even read on what the best time for posting is on each of these platforms. Be consistent in quality and with the niche that you are writing in.

This way, your audience will trust you more and they’ll appreciate that they know what to expect. Of course, it’s okay to surprise your audience sometimes, but never disappoint them.

Monetize your content

This is the part you are probably most interested in: monetization. You can start off by becoming eligible for Google Ads. Then, you can move on to advertising a product or a brand, affiliate marketing and so on.

There are certain requirements for becoming eligible for Google Ads and they depend on what site you opt for. But it’s usually about having a certain number of followers or views.
Once you gather more followers, you’ll be able to work with big companies and advertise their products. This pays a lot more than ads, but ads keep your income steady.

Finally, there is affiliate marketing where you share links to someone’s sales page.

Perfect your blog content

In order to gather followers, you have to create amazing content. To do so, you have to practice, write and then rewrite and edit. This can get a bit tedious so you could use the help of some tools:

Writemyx - If you are new to writing, reading a few guides wouldn’t hurt. In fact, you can benefit a lot from writing guides like this one.
Origin Writings - Editing is another task that will require much of your time and without some knowledge, you’ll probably do a mediocre job. Use this tool as help.
1Day2Write - Grammar is an important part of any text. You need good grammar to come off as professional and genuine. Here is a tool that can check it for you.
Academic Brits - Titles are hard to think of. They need to be interesting and relevant. Use a generator like this one to make that task simple and easy yet effective.

Create your own products

Another great way to monetize your blog is to create products that would be compelling to your audience. Start with something simple and related to your niche and move on to more products as the time goes by and you gather a larger following.

Start a vlog

Vlogging is really popular nowadays. People love to see what is happening in the lives of people they read from every day. It’s also fun and it provides a unique insight to your daily actions and routines. Vlogs can inspire many people and they can be fun little snippets that add more value to your content. If you publish them on YouTube, you can monetize that as well.

Promote your services

Do you have a talent or a skill? You can monetize that too!
People love hiring someone for different tasks. For instance, you could be an exceptional writer or a painter, so offer those services. You could also be a marketing expert, a SEO specialist or anything else. People will hire you if you prove to be good.
And the content you write can help you promote.

Over To You

Have you ever dreamed of making money blogging? Well, now it’s easier than ever. You just have to be consistent and stick with blogging until people start noticing you. But blogging is a marathon, not a sprint; remain focused and you'll come out a winner.

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