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LinkedIn for Veterans

Career Advancement

LinkedIn, as a professional networking site, aims at connecting people all around the world to share ideas as well as to get one’s qualifications out in the job market. As a way to honor veterans, LinkedIn offers them veteran programs to enable them to get jobs in the civilian world. The article aims at describing ways in which LinkedIn has impacted veterans.

Veterans are equipped with professional skills, such as fluency in problem-solving and strategic planning. The public should participate in helping our veterans in their transition in the workforce since they are of high value in the job market.

Military veterans and employment challenges

When military members return from deployment, finding employment becomes exasperating. Civilian employers fail to understand them, and often request for basic civilian training to hire them. Challenges also arise for veterans when they have unrealistic expectations on the wages for jobs they are less qualified for. Many expect high-level positions, and they feel disrespected when they are offered lower positions.

Mental health disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, make employers wary of hiring veterans, hence high unemployment rates. According to Daniel Briggs, HR Director at SolidEssay, veterans have also been related with predicaments such as difficulty in adapting to the civil work culture and relating to civil colleagues.

To mitigate these challenges, the government and corporate organizations have implemented assistance programs to help veterans acquire best-fit jobs and also educate employers on the importance of military skills in an organization. Online professional networks have also contributed immensely in offering solutions that help veterans transition successfully to the civilian workforce.

Veteran programs

LinkedIn offers one-year free access to a LinkedIn premium subscription to provide a broader platform for them to connect with employers. This is one way to honor those who have served since they are given a way to solidify their future even after service. LinkedIn provides a haven where they can build their professional identity and gain the necessary skills they will need in their chosen career paths.

The one-year free subscription service is a stepping-stone to get noticed by recruiters and to get firsthand access to notifications on new job opportunities. LinkedIn helps veterans create their profiles through tutorials, as well as giving them tips that help augment a professional network with recruiters. It also provides the necessary skills they need to transition from the military life to civilian employment or student life through the LinkedIn learning platform. This platform incorporates courses on business, creative and technical skills which are taught to interested veterans.

There is also a veteran mentor networking group where veterans and their family members can ask career-related questions and exchange information to the within the supportive community to help veterans establish their career goals.

LinkedIn produces veteran insight annual report where the online team performs an analysis of the roles, skills, and industries that veterans are getting the most attention in so that they can equip other veterans with this information. Veterans excel in fields that require detail orientation, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, integrity, and dependability.

LinkedIn for Employers

LinkedIn is used by employers to develop a robust set of connections with skilled veterans. They have been screening for prospects through this outlet because it has become a popular professional site since its inception. As stated by Aleah Silva, Head of Human Resources Department at ConfidentWriters, LinkedIn displays job titles and professional experiences in a detailed and precise manner, providing employers with easier access to their target prospects. The site offers the necessary tools and resources that employers need in hiring veterans. The new recruiter tool helps employers find candidates faster by sourcing and filtering ones who are highly qualified to ones with minimal skills. Employers can be able to acquire the most skilled veterans with regards to the role the company wants to fill. Consequently, employers who hire veterans through LinkedIn end up acquiring military talent that is suitable for achieving organizational objectives.

The article exhaustively describes how LinkedIn has been a significant contributor to the transition process in veteran community. Despite the challenges and stresses veterans face in their transition to the civilian workforce, the public must be aware of the value they can bring to companies and help them adapt to the new conditions.

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