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12 Careers for Newly Retired Military

Career Exploration

Years of military service prepare retirees to succeed in various careers. People with a history of military service can be found in practically every industry. Excellent teamwork, responsibility, adaptability, organization, and attention to detail make people with military experience desirable hires. Newly retired military members can transfer their skills directly into the workforce or transition through additional training and certifications. Consider the following civilian sector career options for retired military.

1. Education

The mission-focused mindset and preference for a structured environment can lead military retirees to thrive in education careers. Inspire the next generation in k-12 classrooms or give college lectures about subjects like military history and strategic communication. An education leadership career, such as being a high school principal, can also be a great fit.

2. Health Care

Military medics, nurses, doctors, and surgeons can shift field trauma training to busy city emergency departments. Working in comfortable women scrub sets and supportive shoes can become the new uniform. People with no prior health care experience can also use military benefits to pursue training as nurses, physician assistants, or medical technicians.

3. Financial Services

Financial training during military service can be applied to the civilian sector. Pursue additional programs and certifications to qualify for financial management, advisory, and banking careers.

4. Information Technology

Military service members have to be quick, composed problem solvers as part of their duties. Prior IT experience in the military can be positive for companies that need to maintain high-speed communication networks and digital security.

5. Government Jobs

The government is a logical next step for post-military employment. About a quarter of ex-military job seekers find a government job. These positions tend to have exceptional benefits, stability, and opportunities for advancement. Many government agencies prioritize hiring veterans.

6. Defense Contracting

First-hand military experience can lead to lucrative defense contracting jobs. Many military retirees have worked alongside defense contractors for years and activate their networks to secure positions. Direct knowledge about current defense technology can be a ticket to employment.

7. Logistics and Transportation

The military service experience often requires precise logistical coordination of supply and troop transportation under challenging conditions. This can translate into excellent work in logistical civilian jobs. Transport products across the country or around the world for major companies. Logistics careers require sharp minds and unwavering attention to detail. Military retirees generally have more force management and global shipping experience than their civilian counterparts.

8. Manufacturing

Consistent work schedules, well-defined individual duties, and daily teamwork make manufacturing a good fit for some military retirees. This career can be an option for people without college degrees. Manufacturing jobs can provide paychecks sooner than some other post-military jobs because of lower barriers to entry.

9. Engineering

Each branch of the military trains and uses its own engineers for large, important projects. Military-funded degrees can be applied to civilian engineering jobs. Work in aerospace, biomedical, systems, or electrical engineering.

10. Construction

Construction jobs are great for military retirees who prefer concentrated, project-based work. This field is welcoming for people who thrive away from traditional desk jobs and office politics. The needs for safe teamwork and strong physical abilities draw upon military training.

11. Retail

Military retirees who communicate respectfully under stress, have full environmental awareness, and like to stay on their feet can do well in retail careers. Retail management jobs provide opportunities for advancement within large companies.

12. Law Enforcement

People transitioning from military careers to law enforcement report that it is the closest civilian job experience to their previous active duty environment. The civilian public service lifestyle is similar to military family norms and values. Law enforcement careers can put years of physical military training and liaising with local community members to use.

Making the jump from active duty military service to the civilian world can be intimidating. Still, there are many employers who view military experience as a valuable asset to their organizations.

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