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4 Career Opportunities for Former Military Personnel

Career Exploration

When you joined the U.S. military, you were called a serviceman or service woman. Those titles are most appropriate in that your life became one of service. While the responsibilities of your service to your nation were made abundantly clear during your time in the military, it is likely the case that the life-long significance of what you did for your nation and America’s gratitude to you will only become clear to you over the course of your lifetime. In the meantime, you also became accustomed to hard, focused work and sacrifice during your time of service. Now, you know you have to find some sort of a career, part of you wants to continue working for the betterment of the nation, though perhaps not as a government employee. The question is, what sort of careers are out there that will allow you to provide for yourself and your loved ones while still giving you the opportunity to benefit your fellow citizens?

Health Care Research Will Save Lives and Extend Life

Surely, the number one choice on the list must involve health care. The year 2020 revealed the necessity of workers in this industry, who were rightly called heroes throughout the land. It is quite important to realize that not all health industry workers are found in hospitals and clinics. Some of the most important, in fact, are the biopharmaceutical researchers who develop medicines, achieve breakthroughs and extend scientific awareness. While governmental agencies, large pharmaceutical companies and health care providers work to anticipate and prevent potentially devastating future pandemics, other intriguing and inspiring developments in this industry are happening constantly. For example, the highly regarded scholar and executive Matthew Gline was recently named the new CEO of Roivant. The healthcare industry has many positions that will allow you to serve your fellow human beings.

Put People in Their Places With Human Resources

How well did non-commissioned officers treat you when you were in the service? Very likely, you always thought you could do a better job of handling people than they did. If so, you might consider the field of Human Resources. The “HR person” has a lot more potential career paths than simply writing down and handing out discipline for wayward employees. The human resources person who handles the staff in a typical business is far different from the HR person who helps students discover what interests and abilities they may already have. While parents, siblings and friends all may encourage a person to stroll down a particular career path, the HR person has the ability to remain totally unbiased and objective.

Make a Car, Save a Planet

The one seemingly behind-the-times category that may have surprised you by ending up on this list was the automobile industry. The reality is, as more and more vehicles take to the streets worldwide and as all nations move toward carbon neutrality, there will be an astronomical demand for new hybrid and total electric vehicles. New ground will be broken here with cutting-edge automotive design, new means of powering these vehicles and a brand-new infrastructure to accommodate them. America’s love affair with the passenger vehicle will continue unabated and, experts say, the auto industry will deliver totally unique and functional traveling companions.

Show Them the Money

When you see one of the multitudes of commercials on television plugging “wealth management,” you probably do not picture yourself as a financial advisor. As with health care workers, financial advisors can wear a lot of hats. True, some money counselors help their clients choose plans that enable them to sock away awesome sums of money for retirement. However, other financial analysts cut up their clients’ credit cards, teach them how to rebuild their credit and explain the fundamentals of budgeting.

Perhaps leaving the military gave you the feeling that your most essential service to your nation and the world had come to an end. In truth, anytime you help another American with health concerns, transportation or financial understanding, you have continued your personal heritage of service.

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